Transport your MacBook safely!

Newly invested in a MacBook, and need to carry it around quite frequently? To protect it from falls and avoid knocking it during your travels, MacWay offers you its selection of products to transport your MacBook without any fear.


Protective covers for MacBook

The protective cover is a simple and stylish way to safely transport your MacBook! It allows you to avoid scratches and protects your MacBook against the small shocks of everyday life.
Thinner than a bag, it can be stored anywhere: in a bag, luggage or backpack …

MW Basic La p’tite cover Marine Bleu – Cover for MacBook Pro 13 ″ Touch Bar

SleeveMacBookPro13TouchBarSoft and discreet protection. Elegant and not bulky, this cover protects your Macbook Pro from shocks during travel but also from scratches. In order not to encumber you, its thinness embraces that of the computer chassis. So you can transport your Macbook Pro safely, smoothly and in a stylish way.

The best protective cases for Macbook

Novodio MacBook Case for MacBook Air 2018 – Translucent case


Discreet and effective protection for your MacBook Air. Discreet and efficient, the protective shell specially designed for the Macbook Air ensures your computer is protected from bumps and scratches. With its pleasant surface to the touch, you will not realize that a second skin is installed on your device while ensuring the air circulation to cool it: a must!

Novodio Skin Cover for MacBook Pro 13 ”Touch Bar – Silver


A second skin for your MacBook Pro Touch Bar! Full protection for your Macbook Pro protected from bumps and scratches. This second skin, easy to put on, is so thin that you won’t notice its presence on your machine. The integrated micro-channels facilitate heat dissipation to facilitate the circulation of the air necessary for the cooling of the device.

Protective bags and cases for MacBook.

More spacious than a cover, the protective bags allow you to carry many accessories in addition to your computer. Indeed, you can easily store an adapter, a hard drive, a battery, or documents.

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Novodio Messenger Bag – Shoulder bag for Macbook Pro 13 ″ and 15 ”

BagBandouliereMacbookPro13The sturdy and practical bag for your Mac. The French brand Novodio offers its carrying bag for MacBook. Designed to carry your 15 ” MacBook Pro, it can also accommodate smaller and older MacBooks such as the 13 ” MacBook Air. The capacity of this bag goes beyond carrying your computer. You can also carry accessories, a tablet, a smartphone, books and more to facilitate your travels.

Thule Crossover 2 Laptop Bag Black – 13 ″ Laptop Bag


The ideal bag to carry your laptop and its accessories. The Swedish brand Thule is one of the benchmarks in terms of transport accessories. Designed in waterproof nylon, your computer is protected from liquid projections. The protection is reinforced by a padded layer thus absorbing shocks during your journeys. The numerous integrated storage spaces allow you to take the accessories for your Macbook with you.

If you have not found what you are looking for, we invite you to take a look at our Bags and Covers for MacBook.

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