Update x 3 – Unable to download an app today? app store down

Update 8:50 p.m.: it seems to be picking up slowly, according to the


This morning if
you tried to download an app you probably have
encountered some problems. I’m sure many of you have
Probably tried restarting their machine, but with little success.

Indeed, you are not alone, the App Store seems to meet since
now a few tens of minutes problems making everything
unable to download
. for developers it also seems
that iTunes Connect is also in the cabbage:

Apparently many countries and many users are
affected around the world
and there are complaints both from
France than the US or even India.

At home it keeps asking me to log in but I can’t.
to arrive. Others find themselves faced with a message indicating that it is not
possible to proceed with the purchase at this time.

Anyway, you will have to be a little patient to be able to download
apps today. Obviously, we will update this article
as soon as there is something new.

  • Update 5 p.m. : no improvement on the side of the
    app downloads


  • Update 6:30 p.m. : the (global) problems of access
    to the App Store, iTunes are continuing. Apple told CNBC
    that the origin was linked to
    internal DNS errors. The company apologizes to users
  • Update 8:50 p.m.: it seems to be picking up again slowly, we managed to
    install apps and comments below show that others have
    also had access to the App Store

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