watchOS 9: these 5 most anticipated new features

Next Monday, Apple will present from 7 p.m. its new conference serving as the opening of WWDC, the Californian’s annual event dedicated to developers. During the keynote, Tim Cook and his acolytes should present many new features, mostly software. Indeed, it will be a question of launching the new OS of the apple which will propel this fall the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. In particular, new versions of iOS, iPadOS, but also macOS and watchOS are expected.

About watchOS precisely, the current version is 8, it will be the one at number 9 to take over in a few months. This Monday will be the opportunity to discover what the new iteration of the Apple Watch software will have to offer.

For the moment, analysts have been quite discreet on this subject. There are few rumors to give an idea of ​​what Cupertino engineers would be working on for watchOS 9. Still, despite its age, the operating system is far from flawless. He can still progress on different points. Let’s see together what would be the 5 features that we would like to see appear on Apple Watch with watchOS 9:

  • Best power saving mode: the Apple Watch already has a power-saving mode, reserve mode. But the latter is quite drastic. It only displays the time on the screen and turns off all other functionality. We would like to be able to have a “low battery” mode which would leave a few more functions active all the same. Moreover, watchOS 9 could well offer such an addition, this is in any case what the Bloomberg newspaper has already said recently.
  • Total customization of dials: it is already possible to change your dial on Apple Watch and choose from several already pre-built offered by Apple. Unfortunately, it is impossible to assemble the dial yourself, with choice of the font of the numbers, the visual style, etc. It would be nice to be able to take advantage of a watch face creation tool. Without necessarily having to get your hands dirty yourself, this would allow the most creative the possibility of sharing unique watch faces, which other users could download and use.
  • Better sleep tracking: the data on sleep are still very incomplete. We can see how long our night’s sleep lasted and check our breathing rate recorded at the same time. The watch also analyzes our movements during the night. However, we would like to have a report of the nights a little richer in information, as well as an observation on the quality of sleep
  • A Health app: the health data recorded by the watch is transmitted to the iPhone, which centralizes it in the Health app. We would like to be able to access the Health data retrieved by the watch, directly on the watch. Even, ideally, find all the Health information on the Apple Watch, since it is precisely an allied device for personal health
  • A Notes app: admittedly, the Apple Watch isn’t the most convenient device for taking handwritten notes. But we can from time to time throughout the day feel the need to take notes, however short they may be. And why have to take out the iPhone for that when you have the Apple Watch on your wrist? We would then like to be able to have the Notes app on the watch, or a light version that does not necessarily allow access to all of our notes. One would imagine being able to at least record new notes, using Siri for example in voice dictation, or even access a few notes put in favorites for availability on the watch
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And you, what feature(s) would you like to see come to the watch with watchOS 9?

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