Web browser: Microsoft Edge overtakes Safari in popularity

According to the latest statistics from StatCounter, Microsoft’s Edge has become a web browser more used than Safari on desktop machines. But beware, this does not mean that the Redmound giant’s solution is one of the most popular. In fact, in the ranking of favorite browsers for desktop PC users, Chrome is in first place, cornering 66.64% of market share. In second position, we find Edge, but the gap is wide. The software integrated into Windows has a 10.07% market share for the month of April.

Safari vs Edge Desktop Web Browser Stats

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Safari is actually not very far, it records 9.61% market share. Follows Firefox, with 7.86% market share. Behind, there are also known alternatives, but much less used: Opera (2.43% market share) and Internet Explorer (0.97% market share).

It should nevertheless be noted a clear progression of Microsoft Edge since 2021, while Safari manages to remain at the same level over the last 12 months, still according to the source.

Chrome, since June 2021, has been hovering around 60-65% market share, with some stability overall.

In the land of web browsers, Chrome is king

The web browser market is therefore dominated by Google. The Mountain View-based firm has managed to impose its solution impressively on users. So much so that we sometimes wonder how come the market share gap between Chrome and its pursuers is so big. Does Chrome do everything better than its competitors? After testing it for years, I still don’t feel like it.

Personally, my use oscillates between two solutions: Safari, which I appreciate for its speed on macOS, and Firefox, not only to support the free philosophy of the Mozilla Foundation, but also because it is a particularly powerful and well-designed software.

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I have never tried Edge on macOS. Because yes, there is a Mac version of Microsoft’s browser. You can download it from the Microsoft site. Edge is also available on iOS. Do not hesitate to give it a try, perhaps just out of curiosity.

Finally, let’s finish by mentioning other alternatives that are a little less known, but offer interesting new features: Vivaldi, Brave and Opera GX.

And you, what is your favorite desktop web browser?

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