What are the essential iPhone accessories in 2021?

Apple iPhones are a benchmark in the smartphone market. To make its use even more interesting, you can have recourse to accessories. Discover our selection of the best essential accessories for your iPhone.


IPhone Protective Accessories

Do you own an Apple smartphone? We invite you to protect it against the accidents of everyday life which can occur at any time such as falls, shocks, scratches, water … by using quality accessories.

IPhone cases, covers and covers

Want to protect the design of your iPhone? Choose a case, shell or cover. These are excellent accessories, essential to optimally protect the design of your phone. The case protects your entire device, the case only offers protection of the back design and sides of your phone, while the cover is a true accessory in the form of a pouch that can protect your phone during your travels, when you slip it into your pocket, bag, suitcase, etc. All these models of protective accessories are available on our online site and in our physical stores. Whether in silicone, leather, polyurethane, rubber, polycarbonate or others, you will find all the protective accessories of major brands such as Novodio, Apple, Belkin, Mujjo… Some models of protection accessories are equipped with a battery, offering both optimal protection of your device and better autonomy. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our product sheets.

Sturdy tempered glass pane

The tempered glass pane is an accessory that effectively protects the touch screen of smartphones against breakage, crack, dust, scratches, etc. Have you just bought a new iPhone? It is essential to protect it. At MacWay you will find a variety of tempered glass panes which will offer you optimal protection of your device. All the protective films that we offer are ultra-resistant, transparent and do not affect the touch functionality of your smartphone or its display colors. Want to save money ? Go for a pack of two or more. This will allow you not only to save money, but also to have a spare window in case of need of replacement of protective film. You can also go on a protection ofscreen liquid NOTHi-Tech ano if you want to protect your smartphone screen invisibly from scratches.

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IPhone accessories for more autonomy

The innovative iPhone charger

Is your smartphone an iPhone 8 or later? If you are a fan of innovation, then we recommend that you purchase a Qi certified wireless charger. The latter offers fast charging to its users. It allows them to charge the phone by magnetic induction without using a bulky cable.

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The external battery

Do you often use your phone to capture your best moments while traveling? To avoid running out of battery while shooting a video or when you are about to take a photo, it is essential to invest in a backup battery. You can go on a Novodio external battery known for its better battery life, available from MacWay at the best price on the market. If the cable of your phone charger encumbers you, then we suggest you opt for an external battery model incorporating a lightning connector.

IPhone accessories for more comfort

External storage

Has your iPhone reached its maximum storage capacity? To free up space on your device, you don’t need to delete your photos, videos, files, etc. Instead, opt for an external storage accessory like the lightning usb stick. Very practical due to its compactness and lightness, you can easily carry it everywhere, business trips, vacations, etc. You can also back up your data to a external hard drive via a cable. Do not wait any longer to discover our wide selection of external storage equipment.

Bluetooth headsets

The bluetooth headsets are essential accessories for music fans. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect headsets to your iPhone wirelessly from a distance. If you want to stay in the line of Apple products, you can go for the AirPods. The Pro version is perfect for those looking for excellence. Your budget is limited? We invite you to opt for another brand of Bluetooth headsets like Jabra, Novodio, Pioneer, Xiaomi, and many more. Compatible with all iPhone models, these Bluetooth headsets will be perfect for users of iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro… All these high-end headsets also offer excellent sound quality and are available from MacWay.

Apple Watch

The apple smartwatch is not an accessory per se, but it can be useful to you on a daily basis. Ultra practical, it is a device that makes life easier for iPhone users, especially athletes, by allowing them to keep an eye on their physical performance at all times and without clutter. Thanks to his integrated virtual assistant, this watch is able to meet all your needs via voice recognition such as answering an SMS, answering or making a call… In addition to being waterproof, it allows you to monitor your state of health. Once programmed, your virtual fitness trainer will remind you when to exercise, drink water, rest to keep your body healthy, etc. With l’Apple watch, you will no longer need to handle your phone. All you have to do is slip the smartphone into your pocket or bag and take control from a distance. As an Apple specialist, we are at your entire disposal to assist you in your choice.

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IPhone accessories for photos and videos

The objectives for your high-resolution images

Apple smartphones have a Front camera and one or more high-quality rear cameras depending on the iPhone model. For photography professionals who want to improve the quality of their photos and videos, there are many iPhone photo accessories such as, lenses designed for smartphones will meet their requirements perfectly. They are practical and easy to use. On MacWay, you will find a wide variety at an affordable price.

Stabilizers for making pro films

Even though iPhones are generally equipped with high definition cameras, the quality of your videos can be affected by shaking your arms, unsteadiness in your body, or any other disruptive movement. Video accessories for iPhone such as stabilizers overcome this unwanted effect by holding your iPhone on a single axis. So even if you move the stabilizers, your videos will be much more stable and sharper! Discover a wide selection of stabilizers at MacWay.

Support for iPhone

Very practical, the support is an accessory that allows you to shoot sharp and stable images, ideal for digital content creators (bloggers, youtubers, etc.). Belkin, Macally, Satechi… offer the best holders for cell phones useful for capturing your best moments (photos and videos) during your travels. We offer you a wide selection of iphone holder at the best price online and in store.

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IPhone accessories for bikes and cars

Mounting brackets for the bike

Whether it is to know your position in the city, to listen to music, or other, you can continue to use your iPhone on a bicycle thanks to bicycle accessories for iPhone such as mounting brackets such as the Gearlock of SPIGEN SGP, where the Bike Case of Wahoo. These allow you to attach your iPhone to the handlebars of your bike, making it easier to use during your trips.

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Cigarette lighter chargers and iPhone car holder

Your iPhone ran out of battery in the car? Thanks to the cigarette lighter chargers, recharge it quickly. Many brands such as Satechi, Scosche VentMount, Belkin, offer different models of cigarette lighter chargers and are available on MacWay. Just like cycling, there are also iPhone car accessories that allow you to attach your smartphone to your windshield or the air vent. Very practical to consult it without lifting your hands from the wheel!

IPhone accessories for television

Connectors and adapters

To connect your iPhone to your television, you can use a Digital AV Lightning Adapter and an HDMI cable that connects it to your television. Connect the cable and adapter to your iPhone. These will allow you to connect your Apple phone to your television to broadcast your latest photos, movies or series.

External devices

Another way to connect your iPhone to your television is through external equipment such as Apple Tv where the Google Chrome Cast. These two devices will allow you to connect your phone to your television via a wired connection for Apple Tv or wireless for Google Chrome Cast.

The cleaning kit for the maintenance of the iPhone

Can’t stand fingerprints or dust on your iPhone? We advise you to clean it regularly with cleaners dedicated. For a complete cleaning, it is essential to opt for a cleaning kit Novodio, Whoosh, and many more at MacWay. Do not hesitate to take a tour on our site, you will find everything you need for sure. To benefit from a fast delivery, do not hesitate to subscribe to our Pass’Port.

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