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Do you want to buy a device and you hesitate as to which device to buy: an iPhone or a smartphone? However, do you know the difference between these two elements? What exactly is an iPhone? To learn more, read the rest of our article.


The different types of smartphones

First of all, it is important to differentiate between a cell phone and a smartphone. The border between these two devices is porous but nevertheless, they are two distinct devices. If a mobile phone can make calls and send text messages, the smartphone is by its definition “smart” and offers many features. Literally and in French, smartphone means “smart phone”. In other words, the smartphone is a model of mobile phone which is generally equipped with:

  • a touch screen,
  • a camera,
  • an internet connection,
  • functions of a personal digital assistant
  • certain functions of a laptop.
  • Thus, different brands have put on the market several models of smartphones such as:

    An Android smartphone

    An Android smartphone includes all the mobile devices that work with the android operating system. Android is launched by Google and today is integrated into multiple smartphones from several brands such as Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, etc.

    A Samsung smartphone

    The Samsung Galaxy is a smartphone developed since 2010 by the company Samsung Electronics, a big Android competitor against Apple’s operating system: iOS.

    Android being a free operating system developed by Google, Samsung added its personal touch, called “an overlay”. Using Samsung smartphones, you will therefore discover preinstalled Samsung applications such as Samsung Health and Galaxy Store. Samsung smartphones regularly receive updates to its operating system.

    An iPhone smartphone

    THE’iPhone is a range of smartphones marketed by the American company Apple. At the time of the launch of iOS in 2007, Steve Jobs had only one word of mouth << simplicity >> . It is in the face of this simplicity of the operating system that critics of the Apple brand rise up. The operating system ios is therefore aimed at people who want an optimal user experience. Today, several iPhone series exist, each comprising different models. Basically, an iPhone has, on its various models, materials such as

  • than a screen,
  • a camera,
  • a GPS location system,
  • a mobile connection and for the telephony part:
  • sms, voice and mms.
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    Like Android, Apple provides updates to its users every year.

    What makes the Apple mobile ecosystem different from that of Android?

    We can first remember that a smartphone is a term designating a smartphone and that, whatever the brand of the latter. The iPhone, on the other hand, designates the precise name of a range of smartphones manufactured by the Apple brand. In general, smartphone and iPhone differ on several levels: discover in this article the major differences between the iPhone and the smartphone.

    The operating system of smartphones

    In general, not all smartphones work under the same operating system. There are several, the most famous of which are Android, which is the operating system developed by Google, but also Blackberry OS from RIM and iOS from Apple.

    Based on data collected by Kantar World Panel, the Android operating system is the most widely used with around 75.1% of the market.

    Regarding the operating system of the Apple brand, Apple, iOS is represented by a percentage of 24.7% and equips the iPhone. For older iPhone models, the iOS operating system offers the possibility of regular updates.

    Security: iOS vs Android


    One of the biggest complaints against Apple is its store, which for some, seems undiversified. If we compare in numbers, we only find 2 million applications on the apple store while we find nearly 4 million on the Google Play Store. This difference is explained by the fact that Apple takes care not to introduce malicious applications on its store. Apple performs a control effective and constant on his store in order to protect his users. Apple’s strategy is effective given the number of viruses identified on theiOS ecosystem compared to that of Android. At the house of Apple, the security premium above all. You will not be able to download applications from theAppstore only if they are harmless to your smartphone. As a whole, although the iOS operating system does not allow full customization of its iPhone, Apple ahead by far Android smartphones on the security plan.

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    Integration with other devices

    The Apple brand develops many products available on the market, such as Mac, Apple Watch, iPad tablet, Apple TV and many others. Thus, the integration of the iPhone with other Apple devices is facilitated. In this way, it is possible to schedule the different tasks on an iPhone and then check them on a MacBook computer thanks to Handoff. With AirDrop, file sharing to other Apple devices without having to connect to a pre-existing Wi-Fi network becomes possible. Likewise, a purchase made online on a Mac or iPad can be validated with an iPhone or an Apple Watch in store thanks to Apple Pay. Thus, the synchronization of your data and music with itunes and iCloud becomes possible and that, with ease.

    As for smartphones under the Android operating system, Google also provides services such as Gmail, Chrome or Drive which work with all Android phones, but also via a web browser accessible from any computer.

    The application download platform

    For downloading the various applications, most smartphones Android has the platform download Google play. In 2018, this platform already included nearly 3.8 million downloadable applications from the Google Play Store. The iPhone, them, use the platform App Store, which is the main application source for devices with iOS operating system. Thus, in 2018, nearly 2.2 million applications and software were downloadable from the Apple App Store. BlackBerry smartphones, on the other hand, use the BlackBerry World application store.

    The design of smartphones and iPhones

    Each brand on the market adopts its own style. Apple remains true to elegant design, sober and classy of its smartphones. Some smartphones from the Blackberry brand play the card of originality by integrating a physical keyboard that allows the use of real keys. Due to the large number of Android devices, it is difficult to define a unique design. However, all brands, including Apple, offer devices with different screen sizes in LCD and OLED with several storage capacities.

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    The price of smartphones

    The price of a smartphone is generally fixed according to several criteria related to the quality and the segment chosen by the brand. So, various prices are offered on the smartphone market by brands. The Apple brand is positioned in the top of the line by offering prices in line with its strategy. Android and BlackBerry smartphones most often have 3 segments: entry-level, mid-range and high-end with appropriate prices.

    THE STORAGE CAPACITIES of smartphones

    There are different smartphones and iPhones with different storage capacities. Some Android devices allow you to compensate in the event of a lack of storage capacity by a microSD card which allows to keep even more data. IPhones generally have a high storage capacity and therefore have not provided for the possibility of extending their storage capacities.

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