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Yes Apple briefly communicated on the subject during the keynote of March 8, 2022, the next Mac Pro is still the subject of much speculation.

In particular, we can think that it will be equipped, like the last Macs released in 2021, with the Apple Silicon M1 Max chip. What we know about the potential updates expected for this model Mac Prowe share them with you today!


Future Mac Pro Apple: what will it be worth?

As we eagerly awaited Apple announcements on March 8, 2022the rumors concerning the new Macs of the Apple brand intensified, in particular on the Mac Pro update with M1 Max chip.

But that was without counting the teasing from Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, John Ternus, who had mentioned that the only thing missing was the Mac Pro to complete their transition to their new line. However, that announcement is expected “for another day,” meaning we won’t see the next Mac Pro for several years.

Everything we know about the rumors about Apple’s new Mac Pro to come!

Improvements planned for the next Mac Pro

Currently equipped with a intel processorthe Mac Pro would be endowed, not in 2022 but for the next few years, with theintegration of a chip that would be close to the M1 MaxAnd much more.

Design, performance, fluidity… The new model could respond to more ambitious projects for professionals!

1 DESIGN. A more compact format than the previous one. Its size would be halved compared to the current Mac Pro. Its case would remain in aluminum.

2 EFFICIENCY. A higher number of CPU cores for optimal fluidity. Production rendering, simulation of an iOS app… Everything to work in the best conditions!

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3 POWER. The new Mac Pro could include an Apple chip variant of the M1 Max and which would double its power or which would multiply its capacities by 4.

The Cupertino company is always aiming further in its objectives, thus offering ranges of Macs with an elegant design with technical performance that meets the requirements of fastidious professionals.

A new integrated chip expected for the release of the latest Mac Pro?

Intel processor VS M1 Max chip for the Mac Pro

What changes between the design of a Mac Pro with an Intel processor and that of a model Mac Pro that would receive an M1 Max chip or a variation?

Here is a comparative table of the different characteristics defining the Mac Pro performance equipped with a intel processor and one Apple M1 Max chip to give you an idea.

Apple M1 MaxIntel processor (i9)Number of CPU cores10 hearts10 heartsGPUs24 or 32 cores UHD 630 IGP graphics cardBattery life5-9 p.m.4 p.m.Memory32 GB (up to 64 GB unified memory) 16 GBPerformanceAdvanced video editing, powerful graphics processing Good performance for gaming, good processing speed, specific 3D rendering.Memory bandwidth400 GB/s41.6 GB/s

Comparative table of characteristics of an Intel processor and an Apple M1 Max chip

Intel has always been a true reference in the sector of processors. However, with the new technological advances of large firms such as‘Appleleadership needs to be rethought.

In effect, Apple brought real innovations by integrating, on a professional computer, a system on a chip (SoC) thanks to the design of M1 chips, M1 Pro and M1 Max.

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Also to be discovered within the new range of Mac Apple 2022

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