Which iPhone accessories to shoot like a pro?

Today, you can shoot high-quality videos like the pros with your iPhone. However, to reach a level of perfection, certain essential accessories will be useful to you on several levels according to your needs. Why invest in iPhone accessories for filming?

What are these must-have iPhone accessories to buy?


Why invest in an iPhone accessory to make videos?

Since the launch of the iPhone smartphone, Apple continues to innovate in order to be at the cutting edge of technology. Today, iPhones embed various advanced technologies allowing you to shoot breathtaking videos. However, the picture, sound and lighting quality of these smartphones still leaves much to be desired for professional image and video shooting. Thus, to optimize your rendering, a good number of accessories for iPhone and smartphone are available for all budgets. They allow you in fact, optimize sharpness of your images, of stabilize your videos, to get a good sound and have a good lighting.

The best iPhone accessories to film according to your needs

If you want to buy iPhone accessories for recording videos and pictures, a large number of accessories are available for you to enhance your achievements. According to your needs, you can buy different iPhone accessories.

Accessories to optimize the sharpness of your images

The image quality of smartphones in general, including that of iPhones, although effective, can still be boosted by a lens kit adapted and objectives.

Objective camera lenses

If your goal is to make a smooth video with crisp images, you can choose a camera lens. It allows you to vary the effects when taking videos and images. The camera lens is attached to the top of your phone using a clamp. Camera lenses are most often compatible with a variety of smartphone models, but compatibility with your iPhone should be checked. The price of lenses differs depending on the quality and other criteria. You will make the choice according to your budget and your needs.

The objectives to vary your shots

To optimize the quality of your shots for professional purposes, you will need to invest in the purchase of a wide-angle or telephoto lens for your iPhone and smartphone. There are different types of lenses like:


This type of smartphone accessory allows you to zoom in more or less without degrading your images. With a goal like that of Olloclip telephoto and wide angle, enjoy optical zoom to get even closer to the scene you want to shoot.

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The macro lens and the fisheye lens

You will also find these two types of lenses less suitable for professional use but sometimes necessary in some cases. For example, OPTRIX macro lens for iPhone 6, is specially designed to obtain a high magnification, which will be perfect for photographing details invisible to the naked eye.

Boost the sound quality of your video with an external microphone

For an improvement of the sound of your video, it will be necessary to add a external microphone to your smartphone. This accessory allows you to achieve clear and balanced professional quality sound recordings. There are several types of external microphones, to choose from depending on your use and your budget.

Optimize the stability of your videos and images with iPhone accessories

The major flaw in videos made with smartphones and iPhones is the screen shake. For a great video and picture, nothing beats a good accessory for still shots. So, opt for equipment such as:

The Tripod, a must

the tripod is very important and indispensable when you want to make quality videos or take quality shots. Indeed, thanks to this accessory, you avoid shaking on the screen which make you take blurry photos and videos. The tripod allows you to perfectly frame a shot to ensure a stable grip. In addition to that, thanks to this enhanced stability, it will then be easier for you to obtain sharper photos even in low light. What to make the most of the Night mode introduced with theiPhone 12 ! It is adjustable in height and can assist you in your shooting with your smartphone. There are different types of tripods. You will find selfie tripods with light ring, mini tripods with telescopic legs or even tripods rotary and tripods flexible for your smartphones.

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Thanks to a stabilizer, you make videos and images fluids and crisp quality worthy of a professional despite tremors and movements. It allows you to rotate your smartphone on a single axis, promoting stable and clear grip. The stabilizer gives you great freedom of movement. There are many models of stabilizers available for all price and quality, and in different sizes. You can make your choice taking into account your budget and the quality of the stabilizer.

Optimize your lighting level with iPhone accessories

The light on smartphones is not always effective for making great videos. So, for better lighting of your videos, you can get iPhone accessories such as:

LED torches

If you are looking for a powerful lighting for your photos and videos allowing you to have a perfect color rendering while remaining natural, choose them. LED torches for iPhone and smartphones. These quality smartphone torches are in fact lamps composed of diodes electroluminescent which provide you with a powerful constant and adjustable light.

The light ring

the Light ring comes in the form light ring which increases the lighting of your videos. It is an accessory that will suit bloggers and vloggers (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) who film with their smartphones for better optimization of their lighting. There are different models of light ring whose prices differ depending on the model. You therefore have the choice between large models of light ring with tripod, it is ideal for a larger shoot, and smaller models like the Selfie Light Ring by INECK that plugs directly into your iPhone, and therefore less bulky that you can take wherever you want.


If your filming is done outdoors, the use of a reflector will suit you more. It reflects the already existing daylight. This type of accessory is handy and affordable in terms of price.

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Our top 5 iPhone accessories for filming

Your goal is to shoot professional videos and images with a flawless level of performance? Our stabilizers, Where steadycams, will support you in your project. They will allow you to get smooth and crisp videos and images, worthy of a pro. Goal Fisheye or wide-angle, or even macro lens, you can trust our different types of smartphone lenses so that you won’t miss any detail during your shoot. For a complete transformation of your iPhone into a professional camera, take our selfie tripod and a flash. Finally, for Youtube bloggers, we offer external batteries to keep running with your iPhone without running out of battery.

The iPhone selfie stick for selfie enthusiasts

The selfie stick is a smartphone photography prop that lets you take awesome selfies. It is very practical for take pictures in height in a larger frame. Some selfie sticks like the Novodio Smart Selfie stick also have an integrated battery: ideal for taking pictures without running out of battery!

External battery, an essential when shooting with your iPhone

Imagine that in the middle of filming, you found yourself running out of battery after a few hours. To avoid this kind of disappointment, the acquisition of an external battery will be perfect. You can turn to the 10,000 mAH external battery by Novodio with connector Lightning and USB-C : perfect for connecting an iPhone or an android device

IPhone accessory for storage: USB key and SD card reader

The space available on your iPhone can quickly run out after a few photos and videos. You can then invest in a storage solution to benefit from more storage space. There are USB flash drives for iPhones to keep your images and videos handy. You can also acquire a SD card reader for iPhone.

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