which smartphone to choose? expert advice

Do you want to buy a new smartphone? And you hesitate between brands Samsung and Apple ? The iPhone and Samsung brands have dominated the global smartphone market for years. However both leaders are different on several points such as the operating system, the price and the design of the models.

So, based on your needs, which is the best smartphone to buy?


Android vs iOS: two different interfaces

The various smartphones of the Samsung brand are equipped with the operating system Android. It is a free operating system developed by Google. With this operating system, you get preinstalled Samsung apps like Samsung Health and Galaxy store. The iPhones for their part embed the operating system ios developped by Apple. Indeed, iOS, whose abbreviation OS stands for Operating System in English, is intuitive and allows smooth and pleasant navigation of your iPhone. Note that iOS was developed specifically for iPhones while Android is present on smartphones of different brands. Apple’s OS is therefore much more optimized than Android!

How to switch from Android to iPhone?

Compatibility with the ecosystem: iPhone or Samsung?

Want to schedule a job at home and finish it at the office? With a iPhone, you have the possibility to synchronize your data on all Apple devices. So you can start a job on one Apple device and continue on another at any time. As for the Samsung brand, with its S or Note series, you can connect them to a monitor equipped with a Samsung Dex docking station thus allowing you to transform your smartphone into a small computer.

The price range according to your budget

The Samsung brand offers different prices that range from entry-level phones, to mid-range while offering high-end smartphones. As for the Apple brand, with high-end phones, it offers new iPhone models at prices approaching 1000 euros. It is also possible to find entry-level iPhones from Apple such as the iPhone SE model. This model is sold on the MacWay site at a price between 459 to 659 euros depending on the storage capacity. Likewise, if you go for refurbished iPhones available from MacWay, you will be able to find affordable iPhones.

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Best value for money: Samsung vs iPhone

Do you want to treat yourself to a quality smartphone without breaking the bank? If you are a Samsung user, the Galaxy A51 model released in 2020 is a good compromise. It has a screen Amoled 6.5 inches and gives you a battery life of over 11 hours. The Galaxy A51 packs great performance at an affordable price. On the other hand, for iPhone users on a low budget, the iPhone SE model which has a photo sensor to record videos in 4K with a processor A Bionic 13 will satisfy you. However, if the brand is of no importance to you and you are simply looking for a cheap smartphone for image quality, remember that the Galaxy A51 in addition to its above-mentioned performance, is equipped with 4 cameras. on his back. It includes a scene optimizer activated by default that detects your subject to make colors more vivid. But we advise users who want to take photos with natural effects theiPhone SE. The latter has a camera that relies on technology “Semantic rendering”, An artificial intelligence solution allowing the elements of a photo to be exposed in a more natural and homogeneous way.

The design: Apple iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S20?

For its iPhone models, the Apple brand remains true to its elegant style with a slim waist, sober and easy for users to hold. As for Samsung, if we have been able to discover innovations in terms of design such as its curved or even foldable screens, the Korean brand offers a product with a slim and compact design with the Samsung Galaxy S20 which is similar to the design of digital products. ‘Apple. Note, however, some differences between these two models. Regarding the thickness, the iPhone 12 remains thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S20 (7.4mm vs 7.9m) with a really sleek design. Then, Apple gave its new model a new glass based on ceramic nanocrystals much more resistant than its old models. As a result, it will be more resistant to scratches. If you are therefore used to putting your smartphone in your pocket with your keys, you should prefer the iPhone.

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The best autonomy: our favorites

Is battery life a priority for you? Find below our recommendations for recent smartphones with good battery life from Apple and Samsung.

  • iPhone 12: More than 12 hours
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 plus: More than 12 hours
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra: over 11 hours
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: more than 8 hours
  • iPhone 11 Pro: more than 6 hours
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: over 6 hours
  • iPhone 11: more than 5 hours
  • IPhone 12 vs Galaxy S20: The Camera Match

    Camera quality is your priority, so which smartphone to choose between the iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy S20? The Galaxy S20 released in February 2020 includes the 3 photo sensors on the back including a wide-angle and telephoto sensor of 12 megapixels each then a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor allowing a better appreciation of your images. While the iPhone 12, also equipped with 3 photo module sensors rear gives you a more optimal and uniform exposure of your images with a low noise level. For camera users in low light, we recommend the iPhone 12 which provides a brighter and sharper rendering.

    Galaxy S20 ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

    the Galaxy S20 Ultra and theiPhone 12 Pro Max, both represent the best of the Apple and Samsung brands in terms of performance, autonomy and photography. In this sense which one to choose? The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 6.1-inch screen versus a 6.2-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, perfect for capturing the attention of smartphone video game enthusiasts. . However, in the field of performance trust the iPhone 12 Pro Max which is more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra thanks to the optimization of its iOS software. In terms of battery autonomy, the brand Apple was able to catch up with the Samsung brand with an autonomy that will surely interest the most greedy users.

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    For the security of your data: Touch ID and FaceID

    Which smartphone to buy to better protect your data? If this is your question? Apple and Samsung make iPhone and Galaxy models equipped with Touch ID and technology available to you FaceID, allowing you to unlock your smartphone screen. You can choose between iPhone models like iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 pro Max which embeds the technology of FaceID for better security. However, if your security requirement is lower, your choice may be the iPhone 5s, iPhone SE (2016 and 2020), iPhone 6 and 6 plus, iPhone 6s and 6s plus, iPhone 7 and 7 plus. , iPhone 8 and 8 plus which are models equipped with Touch ID. In addition, Samsung models such as the Galaxy A51 also allow you to lock your mobile with your fingerprints.

    You have decided togo for an iPhone but you don’t know which one to choose? In this case, discover our article on which iPhone to choose to help you in your choice.

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