WWDC 2022 poll: what new feature are you most looking forward to?

WWDC starts next Monday. And like every year, during this first day of the event, Apple will hold a conference during which it will present many new software products, but not only. We have detailed in our columns and in particular in this article the products that are most likely to see the light of day on June 6th. We will obviously be entitled to a overview of the new OS, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 in particular, but also watchOS 9 and macOS 13. On the hardware side, a MacBook Air M2 is expected, but also new Mac mini, Mac Pro or even iMac Pro computers. Some analysts are also betting on first details delivered by Apple about an augmented reality headset.

It is in any case certain that this WWDC 2022 keynote will be full of announcements. If some of you are already eager to discover the changes of the next iPhone software, others have been waiting for several months for the release of a new MacBook to renew their aging computer. Let’s take advantage of the time left before D-Day to ask you the following question: what is the novelty that you expect the most for this WWDC?

If you chose the answer “something else” do not hesitate to give us details in the comments of this article.

Remember that traditionally, the Apple WWDC Launch Event focuses above all on new software. Indeed, the idea is to present to developers what the next Apple OS will be made of, in order to allow them to adapt their apps to changes. It may happen that a WWDC sees the arrival of new products on the market, with a specificity all the same. These often belong to the “Pro” ranges.

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Obviously, the past does not serve as a guarantee for the future, so we cannot be 100% sure of the content of Monday’s presentation. But Apple likes habits and appreciates not changing them too much, so it’s something to keep in mind to gauge any predictions in terms of new apples to come in the coming days and weeks.

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