All about the most colorful iPhone smartphone from Apple: The 5c


Introducing iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c is the 7th of the iPhone generation. Introduced on September 20, 2013 at the same time as the iPhone 5s, it largely retains the appearance of the previous model, the iPhone 5s. When it was released in 2013, this phone was seen as the most colorful because it was available in several colors. “It’s more colorful than any other iPhone,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing.

The characteristics of the iPhone 5c


IPhone 5c has a touchscreen Retina 4 inch LCD. It has a definition of 1136x 640 pixels and a resolution of 326 pixels per inch.


The camera of 8 MP is located on the back of the phone. As for the front camera, it has a resolution of 1.2 megapixels and is accessible via FaceTime.


IPhone 5c works with Apple A6 chip (SoC), the same processor that was used for the iPhone 5s. This chip is equipped with a dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and a PowerVR graphics card.


The phone is compatible with the following connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, aGPS, Glonass, network connections: 2G, 3G, 3G +, H +, 4G, headphone jack.


With this model, the era of aluminum is over. Polycarbonate is making a comeback! However, Apple used some pretty flashy colors to personalize the iPhone 5c in addition to the classic white model. It is available in 5 colors : green, blue, yellow, pink and white. The plastic used is of high quality and therefore does not give the phone a “cheap” appearance. This iPhone model is very pleasant to use. Less wide, it is easier to handle than its predecessor.

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The iPhone comes in 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB of storage capacity. These different storage capacities make it possible to respond effectively to the different user needs. It also has a 1 Gigabyte RAM.


Equipped with a battery of 1510 mAh, the phone lasts a whole day without having to be recharged and while using all of its features.

Weight and dimensions

The iPhone 5c measures 124.4mm in height, 59.2mm in width and 8.97mm in thickness with a weight of 132 grams.

IPhone 5c compatibility

Operating systems

The operating system of iPhone 5c is version 7 of iOS and iPhone can be updated to iOS 10. Update to iOS 10 brings iMessage function, face recognition and location of photos in the photo album.


The iPhone 5c is compatible with a multitude of accessories such as audio accessories (headphones, earphones, etc.), protection (covers, cases, cases, etc.), sports, and support.

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