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THE’iPhone is a range of smartphones created and marketed by the Apple company since June 29, 2007 which uses the iOS operating system. Although other brands of Android smartphones such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi compete with it, the iPhone fromApple remains the first choice of many consumers. In addition to offering fast and fluid navigation to its users, Apple relies heavily on the design of the iPhone. Very elegant, they have seduced several million people around the world.


General information on the iPhone phone

the iphone phone has the classic characteristics of a smartphone, namely a capacitive touchscreen multipoint, a camera that acts as a camera, a geolocation system, etc. The iPhone is certainly not the first historic smartphone. However, it is indeed he who revolutionized the market by making the smartphone a mass device. Proof of this enthusiasm: in 2016, the Times ranked the iPhone among the 50 most influential technology products of all time.

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The different iPhone models

Since the presentation of the first generation of iPhone or iPhone EDGE on January 9, 2007 by Steve Jobs, Apple continues to innovate with smartphones that incorporate the latest technologies that exist. These innovations have given rise to several generations of smartphones over the years. Each generation is available for each model in different storage capacities and several colors. At the time of publication of these lines, we count the following models:

There are many models! Follow the guide of our experts to choose the iPhone that best suits your needs.

In general, Apple introduces a new device every year with, each time, a new version of the iOS operating system.

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iOS, the iPhone operating system

Developed by Apple and formerly known as iPhone OS (“i” for iPhone), iOS is the operating system used by Apple branded mobile devices. Tailor-made for the brand’s smartphones, this operating system allows Apple devices to run without malfunction, with in particular a perfect symbiosis between the processor and the operating system, making it fast and stable. Updates remain valid for many years.

App Store, the application store

App Store is the app store for iPhone. When you want Download a application for your iPhone, all you have to do is go to the App Store to complete your action with ease. Some applications are paid, while others are specific to the Apple universe, such as FaceTime, itunes, etc.

app store logoApp Store Logo

Used or refurbished iPhone phone, an interesting alternative

To enjoy a cheap iPhone, users can turn to a iPhone reconditioned or used. a iPhone reconditioned is a smartphone that has already been sold, which was then refurbished by a specialist company. Unlike a used iphone, a refurbished iPhone is refurbished by the seller before being offered for sale. It thus generally benefits from a guarantee, for more serenity. THE’used iphone, meanwhile, is a smartphone that has already been used for some time. It can be sold by a business or by an individual. In both cases, these solutions represent an excellent alternative to purchasing a new iphone because they have several advantages:

  • a better controlled budget
  • access to a model that is no longer marketed
  • lower ecological impact.
  • Good to know: refurbished iPhones are sorted by grades from D to A +, which give an indication of the aesthetic state of the smartphone. Other criteria should also be taken into account, such as the unlocking from the phone, the verification of IMEI code, an eventual Extended Warranty, etc.

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    The exclusive features of the iPhone phone

    If iPhone fans swear by the Apple brand, there’s a reason: iPhone phones have specific features that guarantee a user experience. pleasant and fluid. Here are some examples of features specific to theApple universe and which can be useful on a daily basis.


    Siri is the voice assistant built into iPhone. With each new version of iOS, this voice assistant gains in possibilities. It is now possible to link Siri to compatible applications capable of, for example, asking Siri to send a message on WhatsApp or to take a selfie.

    Dark mode

    Thanks to this novelty that appeared with iOS 13, it is possible to display the system in black background with the text in white, for a larger comfort in use and reduced eye strain. The display change can be set automatically according to the time of day or night, or manually.


    Depending on the model of iPhone you have, you will be able to create your Memoji. This avatar has the particularity of being animated and of detecting the user’s real face.

    Record screen video

    To create a video recording of the iPhone screen, just add the “screen recording” function in the control center, then press the corresponding button when starting the recording.

    Explore your photos

    The iPhone, through the Photos application, is able to search for objects in a photo. It suffices to perform a keyword search to see the images on which this object appears. The application also offers keyword suggestions, for even more simplicity.

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    Not to mention the many essential accessories for using an iPhone.

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