Frequent question: How to change audio track in vlc iphone?

Some videos are there with different languages. While watching the videos, VLC for iPhone allows you to change audio tracks of those videos as well. Just tap on the Speech bubble button while playing videos, and tap on the tracks you need, then you’ll find different language options.

Furthermore, how do I change the audio track in VLC Mobile?

  1. To change the audio language in VLC, just open the multi-language video in VLC media player.
  2. Right-click in that video and click “Audio” and choose “Audio Track”.

Beside above, how do I change the audio track on my iPhone?

  1. While watching a video, tap the screen to open the playback controls.
  2. Tap the speech bubble .
  3. Choose the language or subtitles that you want to use.

Considering this, how do I change the default audio track in VLC? To do this, fire up VLC, go to “Tools -> Preferences” and select the “Audio” button. At the bottom of this window, you’ll see a section called “Tracks” and within that, a textbox labelled “Preferred audio language”. You’ll want to type in “EN” or “ENG” (lowercase is fine too).

Quick Answer, how do I play different audio tracks in VLC?

  1. Launch VLC, or open your video file in VLC.
  2. Media > Open Multiple Files.
  3. (The “Open Media” window)
  4. Add your main video file.
  5. (The file selection window)
  6. Click “Show more options” at the lower-left.
  7. Click “Play another media synchronously” just underneath.
  1. Click on Audio Track icon on the player screen.
  2. This will list down all the audio tracks linked to the video being played. Choose the one you wish to enjoy your video in !
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How can I change the audio language of a movie?

  1. At the bottom or top right of your video player, tap Show closed captions and audio .
  2. Under “Audio” or “Subtitles,” select a language.

How do I use dual audio on my iPhone?

  1. First up, head to the Bluetooth Settings on iPhone and pair both the headphones one-by-one.
  2. Then, connect one of them and start playing any audio or video.
  3. Now, open the control center.
  4. After this, tap on the Music option to see more options.

How do I change the language of Shareit on iPhone?

  1. While watching a video, tap the screen to open the playback controls.
  2. Tap the speech bubble .
  3. Choose the language or subtitles that you want to use.

Which is best video player for iPhone?

  1. PlayerXtreme Media Player.
  2. KMPlayer.
  3. OPlayer Lite.
  4. Infuse 5.
  5. VLC For Mobile.
  6. 8Player.
  7. nPlayer Lite.
  8. CnX Player.

How do I change my default audio?

Select Hardware and Sound from the Control Panel, and then select Sound. On the Playback tab, right-click the listing for your audio device, select Set as Default Device, and then select OK.

How do I change my default audio track?

From the two options in the bottom left of the Preferences window, be sure that Simple is selected. This should be the default setting, but just make sure. Select the Audio tab. From either the left side of the window or from the top of the window, choose the Audio tab.

How do I fix the audio on VLC?

  1. Turn on Audio/Unmute Audio on VLC.
  2. Enable Sound Device.
  3. Disable and Enable Audio Track.
  4. Disable All Enhancements in Control Panel.
  5. Adjust VLC Audio Settings in Preferences.
  6. Update VLC to the Latest Version.
  7. Use Wondershare Repairit.
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Can we add audio track to a movie in MX Player?

Launch MX Player. When MX Player starts playing that movie, at the top side you would see a sound icon. Tap on that icon marked with an arrow, and you are going to see language track option there. Choose your preferred language from the MX player, and you have done.

How do I add audio to mp4?

How do you play both audio tracks?

How do I adjust dual audio?

Click Audio menu. Go to the option Audio Track. When a submenu appears, select the language in which you want to hear the audio of the movie. Now, you can watch the dual audio movie in any language you choose and you can switch between the languages any number of times throughout the movie.

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