Here’s how to download the “Tayasui Color” app for iPhone and iPad for free (Updated)

Update: Extended offer period to December 15


Apple offers a usually paid application for free to
users of its “Apple Store” app. This is the case for a few days with
the app Tayasui Color.

But be careful, it is not by going to the App Store that you will
be able to download this awesome adult coloring book for free rated
4.5 stars and usable on iPhone and iPad,
it is still there at 1.99 euros.

You have to go through
Apple’s ‘Apple Store’ application available and free here. Details about
the app and explanations:

First, a few words about this original and very good application
carried out. This is a digital medium to a hobby that seems to have a
some success for purposes of relaxation and creativity. It is in fact about
coloring, it is not as often intended for children but for adults.
The user chooses among the different designs offered, they
flip through in a beautiful animation reminiscent of a book, then can then
color using the tools provided. The possibilities in terms of
colors, watercolor effects and others are multiple and well managed.

Here is a video that shows what can be done:

And now, how to install it for free?

Open the Apple Store app or install it
if it is not done yet. Just have to go down a little to discover
mention on a green background Exclusively for you


Press it, the page then displays the logo and the name of the app with a
button “Download for free”, press again.

The App Store app then opens, pre-populated with a promo code.

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It is this code that allows the free download. Enter your code
secret associated with the iTunes account and validate, the download should start
all alone. If not, validate the promo code.

Warning : at no time should you go directly through
the App Store on your machine and at no time should a price be displayed
before downloading,
if so, you did not follow well
instructions, start again!

This offer is only valid until December 15,
potentially within the limits of available codes.

Once downloaded, the app is yours, it is associated with
your account and can be updated and installed on your iPhone, iPad
with your regular App Store account.

An original app to discover at an unbeatable price.

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