Recap: the 6 articles you should not miss this week

A new week rich in Apple news ends on this Sunday. Today is a day of rest, but also synonymous with an assessment for the past 7 days. Some of you may not necessarily have the time to read us every day from morning to evening, so they could greatly benefit from a summary of the week mentioning the most read articles over the period.

This is precisely what we are offering you here. Here are the unmissable articles of the week, to read or reread and of course to comment on.

The unmissable of the last 7 days

Honorable mention for our tutorial on how to add a vaccine certificate in the Apple Wallet (Maps) app on iOS15.4, such as the COVID-19 vaccine pass.

Other recent news, to go even further

The sources are in English in the majority of cases.

  • Apple ordered to pay nearly $15 million in class action lawsuit over iCloud and data storage on third-party services (source)
  • Engineers allegedly suffered when designing Mac Studio (source 1, source 2)
  • Facebook is ultimately not doing too badly despite Apple’s limitations on iPhone for advertising (source)
  • Agreement found between Apple and WiLAN for a patent story, after 15 years of battle (source)
  • The Californian firm sued for anti-competitive practice on Apple Watch, about the heart sensor (source)
  • MacPaw (CleanMyMac) offers an app to detect if software uses servers located in Russia (source)
  • Crucial, memory chip manufacturer in particular, expects a shortage of at least 2 years (source)
  • The iPad Pro as a boarding station in Alaska (source)
  • The new version of Boot Camp supports the Studio Display screen (source)
  • According to Apple, the EU’s Digital Markets Act is a plague on the security and privacy of iPhone users (source)
  • Apple could make it even easier to identify yourself on services, apps and websites thanks to a new system
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And for you, what has been the most significant tech news of the last 7 days?

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