Tips: 3 VPNs to download to your iPhone

In 2020, mobile browsing has clearly outstripped browsing on other devices (computer or tablet). Like any device connected to the internet, it is essential to equip yourself with tools to protect yourself well. Among those that are very popular right now, there are obviously VPNs. Below we have prepared 3 special offers that should convince you.

A VPN on iPhone, what is it for?

Le VPN is software (or app in the case of a VPN for iPhone) that will not only encrypt your online data, but also assign you a new IP address each time you connect to it. The VPN provider has servers all over the world, which makes it possible to select an IP in the majority of countries.

Thanks to these two features, the VPN offers different use cases:

  • Change location to bypass geo-restriction
  • Browse anonymously without being spied on by ISPs
  • Avoid being hacked on public Wi-Fi
  • Unblock videos not available in your region

The 3 good VPN plans of the moment

If you don’t yet have a VPN on your iPhone, it may be time to equip yourself by taking advantage of one of the 3 current promotional offers. ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and NordVPN are all three providers that do not store any data, and offer maximum online security.


ExpressVPN is considered by many to be the best VPN for iPhone. Its application is very easy to use and the performance meets expectations. Our colleagues from Presse-citron position it as the top in their VPN comparison.

At the moment, the provider is offering a promotion on its 12-month subscription. If you subscribe to it, you will have 3 months free (so 15 months in total) or a saving of 49%. Know that you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee period if the VPN disappoints you.

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Visit ExpressVPN


The second VPN for iPhone that is currently selling off its prices is CyberGhost. The latter also has a nice application for iPhone with a very wide choice of countries (90 countries and more than 7000 servers).

The current offer is on its 3-year subscription which will cost you only €2.64 / month (€95 in total for 3 years). You will also have 2 months free. Again, a satisfied or refunded period is available and lasts 45 days. So don’t hesitate to ask for your refund if it disappoints you for one reason or another.

Visit CyberGhost


The last good VPN plan we wanted to introduce to you is NordVPN. You may have heard of this provider on TV through its many advertisements or on Youtube with dozens of influencers talking only about it.

Its offer is of high quality and you can currently get it with a 70% reduction. Its 3-year offer then drops to €3.10 per month compared to €10.63 / month in normal times. Not to disappoint you, it also has a 30-day money-back guarantee period without any conditions.

Visit NordVPN

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