How to block youtube on iphone?

  1. Tap Settings→General→Restrictions.
  2. In the Restrictions screen that appears, tap Enable Restrictions.
  3. Enter your passcode.
  4. Tap YouTube so that the Off button, rather than the On button, is displayed.

People ask also, how do I block YouTube on Safari iPhone?

  1. Launch Settings from the home screen.
  2. Choose Screen Time.
  3. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  4. Toggle Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  5. Select Content Restrictions.
  6. Tap Web Content.
  7. Choose Limit Adult Websites.
  8. Tap Add a Website under NEVER ALLOW.

Subsequently, is there a way to block YouTube?

  1. Open YouTube on your browser.
  2. Now, click on the extensions icon on the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Click on the “Block Site” extension.
  4. Click on the “Block this site” button. That’s it. YouTube is now blocked on this browser.

In this regard, how do you block a website on iPhone?

  1. Go to Settings and tap Screen Time.
  2. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions and enter your Screen Time passcode.
  3. Tap Content Restrictions, then tap Web Content.
  4. Choose Unrestricted Access, Limit Adult Websites, or Allowed Websites Only.

Moreover, can I block YouTube on safari? Restrict Safari completely and install a web-safe browser Another option is to use a kid-safe browser, and then block Safari completely. Some of the kid-safe browsers will automatically block YouTube. If not, many will allow you to add it to a list of sites to block.


How do I block certain hours on YouTube?

  1. Tap the lock icon in the bottom corner of any page in the app.
  2. Read and enter the numbers that appear or enter your custom passcode.
  3. Select Timer.
  4. Use the slider bar or the and icons to set a time limit.
  5. Tap Start Timer.
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Can I block YouTube on Chromebook?

Just type the Youtube home page which is and any link that is under that will be completely blocked. Simply unblock the site when you want your child to access Youtube again if you don’t want to block Youtube on Chromebook for the time being.

How do I temporarily disable YouTube?

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left sidebar, select Settings .
  3. Select Channel Advanced Settings.
  4. At the bottom, select Remove YouTube Content.
  5. Select I want to hide my content.
  6. Select the boxes to confirm what will be hidden on your channel.
  7. Select Hide my channel.

How can I block a particular website?

  1. Open the browser and go to Tools (alt+x) > Internet Options. Now click the security tab and then click the red Restricted sites icon. Click the Sites button below the icon.
  2. Now in the pop-up, manually type the websites you want to block one-by-one. Click Add after typing the name of each site.

How do I block a website on my kids phone?

  1. Open your Mobile Guardian dashboard.
  2. Go to web security settings.
  3. Type the sites you’d like to block e.g.“” into the blacklist websites section.
  4. Hit the save icon!

How do I block a website on my iPhone without restrictions?

To ban adult websites, tap and choose “Limit Adult Content.” If you want to block individual websites, go to “NEVER ALLOW” and choose “Add a Website.” Now enter the URLs of the websites you can block.

How do I unblock YouTube on safari?

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Hold your left mouse button pressed down and simply drag the “YouTube-Unblocker. safariextz” extension from the download list in your upper right edge of the Safari into your open browser window. Alternatively, you can start the installation via double-click on the downloaded .

How do I stop Safari from blocking websites?

With the site loaded in Safari, Control-click the site’s name in the Address and Search bar (don’t click in the field first) or choose the menu item Safari > Settings for This Website. Now, uncheck the Enable Content Blockers box.

How can I restrict what my child watches on YouTube?

  1. Access and sign in to your YouTube/Google account.
  2. Click the “Settings” button in the left sidebar.
  3. Click the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page that reads: “Restricted Mode: Off.”
  4. Select “On” to lock Restricted Mode on this browser.
  5. Click “Save.”

How do I permanently delete YouTube app?

Choose “Apps & Notifications,” then scroll down and tap the YouTube app (you may need to tap “See all apps,” “All apps,” or “App info” from here if you don’t see YouTube on the list). Now tap “Uninstall,” then tap “OK” to confirm your decision and, finally, kiss YouTube goodbye.

How do I restrict YouTube in school hours?

  1. On your child’s device, open the YouTube app or go to
  2. Tap the round profile icon at the top-right corner.
  3. Tap Settings and toggle on Restricted Mode.

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