How to buy your first iphone?

  1. Decide which method you’re going to use to preorder your iPhone.
  2. Pick your iPhone model ahead of time.
  3. Pick a backup option.
  4. Double-check your personal information on file with Apple.
  5. Have your credit card nearby.
  6. Have your carrier account information on hand.

Frequent question, what do I need to know before buying an iPhone?

  1. A refurbished iPhone is a safer bet than used. There’s a large market for previously used iPhones.
  2. Check to make sure the iPhone will work with your carrier.
  3. Make sure the iPhone isn’t stolen.
  4. Make sure the battery is reliable.
  5. Make sure the phone isn’t water damaged.

Likewise, can I buy an iPhone without a carrier? When the iPhone XR originally went on sale on Apple’s website, you had to choose a carrier: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon. But now, if you buy an iPhone XR online, you now have the option to buy one without a carrier. … “Without a carrier” means that the phone is sold without a SIM card.

Also know, do Iphones sell out first day? Preordering the iPhone is the best way to ensure you get one the day it’s released, or anytime soon. The iPhone routinely sells out on its launch day, and this year’s massive chip shortage may make it hard to get one for quite a while.

Also the question is, what should I do when I get a new iPhone?

  1. Make sure you’re prepared (latest version of iTunes, recent backup of your old iPhone, check accessory compatibility, new phone case)
  2. Unbox and set up your new iPhone (activate phone, restore from backup, etc)
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Where is the best place to buy a used iPhone?

  1. Apple Refurbished Store.
  2. Best Buy.
  3. Swappa.
  4. Amazon Renewed.
  5. Gazelle.
  6. eBay.
  7. Buy from respective carriers.

What first time iPhone users should know?

  1. Swipe a Notification To Open App Directly.
  2. Double-press Home Button for Multi-tasking.
  3. To the Top of a Conversation (without Swiping to Scroll)
  4. Control Music from Lockscreen.
  5. Control Music/Podcasts.
  6. Swipe Weather in Notification Center.
  7. To Create a Folder.

How do I know if my second hand iPhone is good?

  1. Inspect the iPhone’s cosmetic condition. First of all, if the iPhone has a case, remove it and check the iPhone’s cosmetic condition.
  2. Button test.
  3. Insert your SIM to check your network.
  4. Phone test.
  5. Headphone jack test.
  6. Check iTunes and a battery charge.
  7. Wifi test.
  8. GPS test.

Can I just buy an iPhone and put my SIM card in it?

Many people wonder if you can really just switch SIM cards on an iPhone. Yes, you absolutely can. … If you intend to use a third-party SIM card, your phone must be unlocked: This won’t be a problem if you purchased your phone directly from Apple as they generally sell them unlocked.

How can I get an iPhone with no money?

  1. Consider the carriers carefully.
  2. Best Bet: Buy your phone.
  3. Bring your own device.
  4. Adopt an alternative lifestyle.
  5. Ditch that data plan.
  6. Be savvy with your smartphone.
  7. Don’t dismiss a downgrade.

Which carrier is best for iPhone?

  1. T-Mobile. The best phone carrier overall.
  2. Verizon. A good alternative to T-Mobile.
  3. AT&T. Third place among the major carriers.
  4. Visible. A cheaper way to get unlimited data.
  5. Mint Mobile. Low rates if you pay upfront.
  6. Metro by T-Mobile. A good discount phone carrier.
  7. Google Fi.
  8. Consumer Cellular.
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What happens if you say 14 to Siri?

For instance, on an iPhone 12 running iOS 14.5, saying the numbers 14 and 03 to Siri prompts a response rather than an automatically-dialed emergency call. … If Siri makes the emergency call, you should have three seconds to tap Cancel before it goes through.

Is it OK to leave your iPhone charging all night?

Charging My iPhone Overnight Will Overload the Battery: FALSE. … Once the internal lithium-ion battery hits 100% of its capacity, charging stops. If you leave the smartphone plugged in overnight, it is going to use a bit of energy constantly trickling new juice to the battery every time it falls to 99%.

How much is an iPhone 12?

The $799 iPhone 12 is the standard model with a 6.1-inch screen and dual camera, while the new $699 iPhone 12 Mini has a smaller, 5.4-inch screen. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max cost $999 and $1,099 respectively, and come with triple-lens cameras and premium designs.

What’s the best website to buy phones?

  1. Amazon. “Amazon focuses its efforts on cheaper handsets that appeal to a mass audience of people that are on a budget.”
  2. Best Buy. “An authorized reseller for major US carriers.”
  3. Walmart.
  4. Target.
  5. Apple.
  6. Gazelle.
  7. AT&T.
  8. Boost Mobile.

How do I buy a second hand iPhone?

A basic hardware check is a must-do before buying a used iPhone. You’ll want to check the body to make sure there isn’t any major damage like dents or cracks. The screen should be relatively scratch-free with no dead pixels, and 3D Touch should be working on the iPhone 6s and above.

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