How to charge your iPhone without a mains charger


What is a charger?

Like all smartphone batteries, Apple Apple brand iPhone batteries need to be charged in order to keep you going without breaking down. For this, the use of a charger is essential. Indeed, a charger is a device making it possible to recharge one or more electric accumulators grouped or not in battery by injecting an electric current opposite to the direction of use. Don’t have a charger handy? There are many possibilities to charge your iPhone without a charger.

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Charging methods without a mains charger

Do you want to recharge your iPhone battery without using your mains charger? There are several ways you can do without the cable or the power supply that fits into the wall outlet. Thus, you have the possibility of recharging your battery either through the USB port from a computer, or by a external battery, or by a Solar Charger or by a lighter in a car. All these means are effective, but have different modes of use which you will find below.

An external battery

A external battery is indeed a charger that does not directly use a mains charger to ensure the charging of your iPhone, your tablet and, in some cases, your laptops. It allows you to recharge your battery without an electrical outlet and to be always connected and reachable during the day and on the go.

How does an external battery work?

The use of a external battery is very simple. There are one or more ports on the external battery Usb that allow you to plug in your phone’s charging cable.

How to recharge your external battery?

The charging mode of your external battery is by USB port with the supplied cable connected to a computer or to a mains charger

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How to choose your external battery?

When choosing your external battery, you must take into account the type of device to charge, the number of devices to be charged simultaneously as well as the capacity of your device and that of your external battery, which must be greater.

The computer’s USB port

Another way to charge your iPhone battery without using the power supply is to use the USB port from your computer. Using an iPhone charger cable with a usb connector, you can use the USB port to charge your iPhone.

Solar Charger

Is your iPhone battery failing you and no outlet on the horizon? There is a handy solution that lets you quickly charge your phone while making a gesture eco Citizen : it’s about Solar Charger. What is that ? A solar charger is a device for transform of the’solar energy photovoltaic in electric energy which can be used to charge electrical devices.

How does a solar charger work?

Most often the Solar Charger is equipped with one or more solar panels. These absorb the energy emitted by the sun, which they transform into electrical energy. Then, this energy is stored in internal batteries to finally be used as recharge of a telephone of a Tablet.

How to choose your solar charger?

There is now a wide range of solar chargers. To make an optimal choice, it is important to take into account the power of the charger’s solar panel as well as the capacity of its battery. The desired autonomy must also be taken into account.

Cigarette lighter charger

Do you want to charge your iPhone battery without a charger while traveling by car? Choose one cigarette lighter charger. It is a charger that allows you to use the energy of your car to charge your devices connected by USB such as smartphones or tablets. To use it, your car’s engine must be turned on.

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Some tips for choosing a cigarette lighter charger

How to choose a good cigarette lighter charger? To make the right choice, it is essential to take into account:

  • compatibility and power: there are cigarette lighter chargers compatible only with devices Apple. So take into account the compatibility and the power of your cigarette lighter with your equipment is essential.
  • the number of ports : according to your needs, it is advisable to choose a cigarette lighter charger adapted to the number of ports desired. In general, chargers integrate two ports allowing two devices to be connected. However, other models offer more than 4 USB ports, from ports to speed different, micro USB cables, etc.
  • the rspeed and power : some chargers allow you to recharge faster than others.
  • USB socket of your car

    Recent cars are now equipped with one or more USB sockets allowing you to connect your battery in order to recharge it.

    Wireless or induction charger

    Many iPhone users want to recharge the drums of their smartphone without going through the cable and who opt or plan to use a wireless or induction charger.

    What is a wireless charger?

    the wireless charger or by induction is a solution which allows reload the drums of your iPhone without using cables thanks to the Qi technology integrated in some devices.

    Novodio Qi Charger

    What is Qi technology used by wireless chargers?

    The Qi technology used by chargers through induction Where wireless is a standard of scalable wireless charging. Indeed, this technology is created by the Wireless Power Consortium made up of leading companies such asApple, Philips and Belkin since 2008.

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    Why use a wireless charger?

    Quick and easy, the wireless or induction charger offers some convenience. It allows you to charge your battery anytime of the day and anywhere, whether you are in the car or in the office, without using cables. You just need to put your smartphone on its charging base and you will get a optimum charging speed the battery of your iPhone and this in all simplicity.

    How to use the wireless or induction charger?

    To use a wireless charger, you need two essential elements: a transmission medium and a compatible device. To charge your battery, simply place your smartphone on the charging stand: the recharging of your battery starts immediately thanks to themagnetic induction.

    Which iPhone is compatible with a wireless charger?

    Since theiPhone 8, iPhones are compatible with the Qi technology allowing you to recharge your iPhone with the wireless charger in a very simple and intuitive way. Thus, the compatible iPhones are the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone SE. However, if you have an incompatible iPhone, you can use a qi receiver which will allow you to charge your iPhone wirelessly.

    Wireless charger and classic charger: what’s the difference?

    The main difference between a wireless charger and one classic charger is located at the charging cable. Indeed, the wireless charger is not equipped with a charging cable unlike a conventional charger.

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