How to download videos from safari?

  1. Copy the URL of the video.
  2. In Safari, go to
  3. Paste the URL in the box.
  4. Set the file type to . mp4 and video quality to Full HD (1080p).
  5. Tap Download.
  6. Tap Download this Video > Download.

Similarly, how do I download a video from Safari on a Mac? Install VideoDuke on your Mac after downloading it from the official website. Click “Integrate into Browser” and drag the quick link into the bookmarks bar. Go to the website where the video is located. Click the VideoDuke download button in the bookmarks bar and save your favorite video.

As many you asked, how do I download a video from a website on a Mac?

  1. Navigate To The Video You Want To Download.
  2. Open The Developer Console.
  3. Reload The Page.
  4. Start Playing the Video.
  5. Locate The Video In The Developer Console List.
  6. Double Click The Video Element.
  7. Wait For The Video To Load In a New Window.
  8. Download The Video.

Considering this, how do I download videos from Safari IOS 10?

  1. Copy the URL of the video you want to download.
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the URL in the Search field.
  4. Tap the arrow.
  5. Tap and hold on Download.
  6. In the quick action menu, tap Download Linked File.
  7. Tap the Downloads icon in the top-right corner.

People ask also, how do I download a video from Safari to my camera roll? To download a video/image, open the file on the player page, then tap the file to reveal the three dots (menu). Select Save to Camera Roll and then choose if you’d like to save the original full resolution clip or a proxy version.

  1. Comparison of Top YouTube Video Downloading Platforms.
  2. #1) SnapDownloader.
  3. #2) YTD Video Downloader & Converter.
  4. #3) By Click Downloader.
  5. #4) Allavsoft.
  6. #5) VideoHunter.
  7. #6) VideoSolo Inovideo.
  8. #7) Leawo Video Downloader.
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How can I download streaming video from any website?

  1. Step 1) Download any of the Video Grabber tool from above list.
  2. Step 2) Install the Video downloader tool on your system.
  3. Step 3) Open the tool once installed.
  4. Step 4) Visit the website from which you want to download the video and copy the URL link of the video.

How can I download a video from a website other than YouTube?

  1. SaveFrom. SaveFrom is a YouTube downloader, but with a difference.
  2. FastestTube.
  3. DownloadTwitterVideo.
  4. Instagram Downloader.
  5. FB Down.
  6. FB Down Private.
  7. Y2Mate.
  8. KeepVid.

How do I save a video to my Mac?

In the QuickTime Player app on your Mac, choose File > Save. Enter a name in the Export As field, add a tag (optional), then choose where you want to save the recording file.

How can I download videos from iOS?

How do I download a video from Safari to my iPad?

How do I download an MP4 file to my iPhone?

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Make sure you have the Dropbox mobile app downloaded to your iPhone. Launch it and tap the MP4 file to download and select the three ellipses next to the file name. Choose Share > Export file and select a specific app or Save video to download it to your camera roll.

How do I save a video from the Internet to my camera roll?

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your Android device.
  2. Go to
  3. In the search bar on this website, search for the YouTube video you want to download.
  4. When you see the video you want to download, tap the green Download button underneath it.

How do I save a video to my camera roll?

Press and hold down on the file that you want to save to the Camera Roll. Select Save To Camera Roll, and the file will be saved.

How can I download videos from the Internet for free?

  1. EaseUS MobiMover Free Video Downloader.
  2. Free Video Downloader for YouTube by NotMP3.
  3. Video Download Helper.
  4. 4K Video Downloader.
  5. Freemake Downloader.
  6. Youtube-dl.
  8. FastestTube.

How can I download videos to my computer for free?

  1. On your computer, open a browser and go to the YouTube Video Downloader.
  2. Copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download in the address bar and click “Download”.
  3. You may be redirected to another page.
  4. Now you should see all the download options.

Which app can I use to download video?

  1. YouTube Go.
  2. All Video Downloader New.
  3. Play Tube.
  4. Top video downloader.
  5. All Video Downloader.
  6. BOX Video Downloader.
  7. Video Downloader‏‎ & mp3 download.
  8. FVD.
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