iOS 15.0.1 and its various bug fixes

A few hours ago, Apple released a new update for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15: version 15.0.1. This fixes the following bugs:

  • Storage full alert when iPhone or iPad storage is actually far from full
  • Random launch of audio meditation exercises on Apple Watch for Fitness+ subscribers
  • Malfunction of unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch, a feature introduced to allow using your iPhone with a mask on your face

It is possible that other more discreet bugs will also be corrected when moving to 15.0.1. For the major problems reported in recent days, in particular that of the touch screen, Apple TV, or even the MagSafe card holder and CarPlay, we will have to wait possibly a little longer unfortunately. Version 15.1 is currently in beta testing and could turn things around, but at this stage nothing is guaranteed.

In any case, do not hesitate, after installing iOS 15.0.1 or iPadOS 15.0.1, to tell us in comments which problems have been solved on your side.

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