Leaker claims: The cheapest Macbook comes on October 27th

Actually, we would have speculated September 8th as a surefire time for the iPhone keynote: This is the Tuesday of calendar week 37, in which Apple usually holds its late summer keynotes. However, given the ongoing pandemic, nothing is certain, not even whether the iPhone will actually come in September. Be that as it may, rumors are already circulating on the Apple keynote on October 27.

A Twitter account called iHacktu Pro published the first details of the possible keynote at the weekend, according to which Apple will present the iPad Pro and the first ARM Macs on October 27, and the Macbook that was discontinued last year will return with Apple Silicon and there will be additional information a Macbook Pro with a 13-inch screen size. The tweet has now been deleted, but Appleinsider has saved the message in the cache. Nothing can be said about the reliability of the Twitter account: his account was created in 2019, until the end of the year the person behind had only posted the announcements for iOS updates. However, he made a prediction at the end of November that

the iPhone 12 should appear with a screen size of 5.4 inches
. At least Apple has released new iPads Pro in October

the accurate Jon Prosser
also announced.

In addition to the possible start date, prices for the first ARM Macs, which may come in autumn, are now circulating. According to this, the small Macbook should start at just under $ 800, the Macbook Pro 13 inches at $ 1099. The price of $ 800 is an announcement, even for the 12-inch Macbook: when it launched in March 2015, Apple sold the new device from $ 1299. For a while, the cheapest laptop in the Apple Store was an old Macbook Air for just under $ 999. For Macbooks Pro too, prices start at $ 1299 for the entry-level Mac with two Thunderbolt ports.

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We will have to wait until the end of October whether these predictions will prove to be true or not, then we will also know whether the audience is admitted, which seems rather questionable today. The timing of the second keynote is particularly credible: At the end of October, Apple held one keynote each in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018.

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