Selection of the best iPhone bicycle accessories

Do you have a tandem, mountain bike or mountain bike type bike and you want to have a pleasant cycling expedition while using your GPS? You can equip yourself with bicycle phone accessories to take your iPhone or smartphone with you on an expedition. Thus, find at MacWay a large number of iPhone accessories for bikes to equip you at the right price. This article aims to guide you in your choice of accessories according to your needs, but do not forget to consult our product sheets to learn more about the article which interests you.


IPhone accessories for listening to music on a bicycle

To make the most of your walks, you can buy accessories such as:

In-ear headphones with earloop and integrated microphone

Buy this accessory launched by the brand AfterShokz which is available on our MacWay website at an affordable price. Among all the essential iPhone accessories, in-ear headphones with ear hooks are present there because they are very practical because of their lightness and their compact size. Their earhooks adapt perfectly to your ears and offer you a good listening experience of your sounds. With the microphone from your AfterShokz headphones, you can easily answer your bike calls while using your GPS. It is an accessory compatible with your iPhone and perfect for hiking, running, extreme sports and cycling. You can listen to your favorite music or take your calls while hearing the noises around you: road noise, pedestrians in order to protect yourself and others from possible danger. Purchase this product on our website for fast delivery.


Easy to use, AirPods are wireless earphones launched by the Apple brand. These products are compatible with your iPhone and allow you to listen to your music library while on the go by bike. The new ones AirPods are endowed with the puce of H1 headphones Apple that lets you enjoy a faster and more stable wireless connection. You will find this accessory at MacWay at attractive prices with express delivery.

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IPhone protection accessories for bicycles

To protect your iPhone when you are cycling, you can equip yourself with an iPhone protective case that we have at your disposal. You will find different shells including:

Bike mount and waterproof case for iPhone X

Are you looking for a waterproof case for your iPhone X and an express delivery bike holder? Buy your iPhone X case with bike mount on our site. The purchase of this iPhone case allows you to benefit from a fast delivery service. Indeed, this shell is ultra-resistant and compatible with your iPhone X. With a bicycle fixing system, you can rotate the support in order to have an image in portrait or landscape mode. The hull is designed in semi-rigid silicone with a double thickness that protects your iPhone during a fall from a bicycle. It is an ideal shell for cyclists who exercise with their bike and which is accessible for less than 20 euros.

Accessories to charge your iPhone by bike

During your cycling expeditions, you need to charge your iPhone to continue listening to your music and using your GPS. Thus, on our MacWay site we offer accessories to charge your iPhone by bike such as:

External recharging battery

You can buy a external recharging battery on our website. It is an accessory that allows you to recharge your batteries, it is compatible with your iPhone smartphone. There are several types of external batteries. External batteries with a single port and others with two ports allowing you to simultaneously recharge your 2 devices. You will find external batteries at very affordable prices.

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Pocket solar charger

the mobile solar charger allows you to charge your smartphone thanks to energy solar, and this without being cluttered. It guarantees you a longer duration of the autonomy of your battery. The solar charger allows you to travel anywhere with your bike while keeping your phone on. Buy this product from us for less than 70 euros.

Our top 3 accessories for the safety of your iPhone when cycling

Are you looking for an iPhone smartphone holder for your bike ride but you feel lost in the face of the multitude of offers? You will find below, depending on your uses, the best bike stands available at MacWay.

The Spigen SGP gearlock bike mount

This support ensures optimal protection of the device thanks to its adhesive adapter which allows you to fix the smartphone. Compatible with all iPhone models and all bicycle or motorcycle handlebars, it will perfectly suit users of iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro…

The Wahoo Bike Case handlebar mount

This type of phone holder is suitable for iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S. It allows you to have your iPhone handy when you cycle. It is a water and shock resistant bicycle mount kit. It is perfect for using your GPS or listening to music with your iPhone.

The iPhone bike mount with waterproof case

Specially designed for the iPhone X, this smartphone bike holder allows you to explore the city on your MTB bike with your smartphone. The bike mount for iPhone X is resistant to shocks, of jumps and to stepping stones. Very easy to install on your bike, this bike product protects your iPhone with a impact and waterproof protection. It is an ideal iPhone bicycle accessory to use your applications such as GPS, activity trackers. You can buy it for less than 20 euros on our site.

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The Macally Bike Mount phone holder

What if you took advantage of one-click delivery on our phone support? If you want to have your iPhone in front of you during your bike trips, the iPhone holder Macally Bike Mount will be your traveling companion. Easy to mount on the handlebars, the Macally Bikemount support is compatible with iPhone and various smartphone models. This product is suitable for iPhones and smartphones and can be adjusted to a width of 57-87mm.

MacWay at your service

Are you looking for iPhone accessories for your expedition on your MTB, Tandem, VTC bike? With our expertise, we provide you with shell accessories to protect your iPhone from drops and scratches, as well as accessories such as external batteries to recharge your batteries in order to avoid power failures. You will also find supports to follow your route during your walks. All these products are offered to you at affordable prices. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit our product catalog and shop on our site to take advantage of our fast delivery. If you need more information, our sales representatives are available to provide you with information online and in our stores.

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