The different accessories to connect your iPhone to your television

You want to display the multimedia content of your last iPhone 12 or a previous model, such as your favorite videos, photos, movies and series on a TV? Here are the best accessories that will meet your needs perfectly.


Digital AV Lightning Adapter

Very practical, thelightning adapter allows you to connect your iPhone to your TV, video projector, or on a monitor. This adapter is also compatible with certain tablet models iPad and D’iPod.

Apple Lightning Adapter

To use this adapter, it is essential to obtain a HDMI cable allowing you to link the iPhone to your screen. In addition, it has a second Harbor Lightning integrated to power the iPhone while viewing your multimedia content. Using this adapter is simple, just follow the procedure below:

  • Turn off your iPhone;
  • Connect your HDMI cable to your Digital AV Lightning Adapter;
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the built-in HDMI port on your television;
  • Associate the adapter with your iPhone via its Lightning connector;
  • Turn on your smartphone;
  • Select the video output corresponding to your HDMI port using the remote control of your Smart tv ;
  • Wait while your television screen adapts to your iPhone’s resolution, and you’re done.
  • AirPlay

    THE’AirPlay was created by Apple on November 22, 2010. It is a Wi-Fi protocol which allows you to broadcast content from your various devices Apple such as your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac to a television (Apple TV, SmartTV) or to a hi-fi system.

    To stream video from iPhone to TV, the steps are as follows:

  • Connect your television to your Apple TV via the HDMI connection ;
  • Make sure your iPhone and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • After displaying your home screen, launch a video of your choice via Safari or even via a video application such as YouTube, Netflix, MyCanal, etc.
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    Some videos may be incompatible with AirPlay, but you can use the “mirroring”Which consists of mirroring your iPhone screen to bypass this. Just follow the following steps:

  • Open your iPhone’s command center by sliding your finger up from the bottom of your iPhone’s touchscreen. Access to the control center on iPhone X and later models is by swiping down on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the “Screen mirroring” button;
  • Select “Apple TV”;
  • Close Control Center and press “Play” to watch your video.
  • Google Chromecast, an alternative to Apple TV

    the Chromecast is a mini-box created and marketed by Google since 2013. In comparison with Apple tv, its price is very affordable. Chromecast allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to your television without going through a wired connection, but it does not have the function that allows you to copy the display of your iPhone. However, it is compatible with a number of video streaming apps, but some iPhone apps are limited on this device. The principle of using Chromecast is simple:

  • Connect the Chromecast device to your television via the HDMI port ;
  • Connect it to your Wi-Fi network and enjoy your iPhone videos on your TV.
  • Composite AV Cable for iPhone

    This cable is reserved for users who have a first generation iPhone or iPad, with a 30-pin connector. It works like the digital AV lightning cable, but with a composite video input from the TV. How it works ? You just need to follow the same procedure explained previously for the digital AV Lightning cable.

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