The iPhone app that gives Bac results to download for tomorrow


Many young people are waiting feverishly
the results of their exams on Friday. Whether it’s the patent at the end of the
middle school or the baccalaureate to end his high school years, without forgetting the BEP, CAP
or even BTS, everyone is housed in the same boat at the end of the

If you want to avoid the fear of searching and seeing (or not) your name on
a long list, here too, the iPhone can help you in these moments
stressful with an app dedicated to the 2014 results:

The proofs are now over and the time for the results is coming soon
ring. Under license from the Ministry of National Education, the app will tell you
if you have obtained the diploma (and even a possible mention) both

All you have to do is register by filling in some essential information
such as surname, first name, type of exam and academy.


The BREVET, BAC, BTS, CAP, BEP 2014 tests are concerned and we cannot
wish you good news. If so (or not), you
you can share them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter or
again by email and SMS to your friends and family.

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