Why choose an iPhone for professional use?

ios is the system at the heart of every iPhone and iPad. Thanks to dedicated iOS applications, users of a iPhone are free to create, communicate and collaborate with their family and professional circle.


The iPhone, the very first smartphone

Since the presentation of the very first Apple smartphone in 2007 by Steve Jobs, Apple has continued to evolve and develop its iPhone range. Find out here what are the strengths that make up the iPhone.

iOS, or the strength of the Apple ecosystem

The operating system is the software system that allows devices to come to life. Apple named this system iOS. For each new model, Apple includes a specially dedicated and optimized iOS for the device. Everything is planned by Apple so that the device can function perfectly. The iPhone processor runs in perfect harmony without the device needing 25 GB of RAM …

The strength of iOS is also being able to pair several devices from the Apple range with each other. If you have multiple devices from the Apple range: iMac, iPad, HomePod, Airpods or iWatch, they will all work in perfect harmony. These devices are all compatible with an iPhone and can work with the latter in particular thanks to various features such as AirPlay or AirDrop. If your devices are synced with Handoff, you can start a task on your iMac and finish it on your iPhone.

Unmatched performance

When it comes to power, the iPhone makes no concessions. The iPhone is incredibly responsive and has a well-founded reputation as a fast smartphone.

This power is explained by an optimized chip that allows it to perform many tasks: taking photos, video games, web browsing or even augmented reality without ever weakening or slowing down.

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An intuitive and intelligent interface

You just need to pick up an iPhone to know how to use it easily thanks to its revolutionary multi-touch interface. The interface of an iPhone is easy to learn, whether for newbies or for the more seasoned in terms of technology.

iPhone 11 Pro interface

Effective collaboration

Work easily in collaboration with your teams thanks to the tool AirDrop. With this tool you can in a few gestures, share a contact, present an idea to a group using the video screenshot AirPlay and Apple TV. Thanks to FaceTime, show your colleagues what you see and that, only on iOS.

Innovative and integrated applications

ios offers its users an extensive collection of features and D’applications integrated. Mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, and notes give professionals everything they need to stay up and running on the go, and never miss a business opportunity, all on one device.

Frequent and quick updates

Unlike Android devices, Apple products very regularly receive fixes in order to maintain theefficiency of their applications and ensure the security machines Apple against the piracy or all kinds of various intrusions.

Design made by Apple

IPhones have a design particular and are perfectly recognizable. Its clean, sober and minimalist lines give a neat and classy result. Apple has since its beginnings made a point of honor to respect its design and it is this design specific to the brand that distinguishes an Apple product from a product of a different brand.

IPhone designIPhone design

Safety is a priority

Critics of Apple criticize the brand for the fact that its store is not diversified enough. Indeed, the Apple Store has 2 million applications unlike Android which has 4 million. This discrepancy is explained by the fact that Apple has a habit of sorting out applications before they arrive on the app store. The iPhone system is therefore a closed system which allows better overall security unlike open systems which are more vulnerable to threats and which are therefore more likely to be hacked.

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There is no need to install an anti-virus on your iPhone because it is not possible to download a third-party application other than on the app store. What’s more, iOS incorporates technology to control and delete content from devices if your iPhone is lost or stolen.

In short, iOS offers a secure architecture, sophisticated data protection and transparent access to the company’s data and information network.

Centralize your device data

The iOS operating system and built-in frameworks for mobile device management solutions allow you to remotely manage devices and configure IT services such as corporate email, Wi-Fi, VPN and certificates.


As a professional, choosing an iPhone can be explained by many reasons: reliable, elegant and powerful, the smartphones of the Apple company are definitely not lacking in assets.

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