Apple will allow everyone to check, download and modify the personal data used


On May 25, the law
european GDPR will come into force. This acronym refers to the
new “regulation
general on data protection”, which will strengthen the protection
data for individuals within the European Union by giving back to
citizens control of their personal data.

The GDPR law will impact all companies that handle data
personal data on European residents, and to comply with this Apple will
soon allow everyone to check, download and modify their
personal data

The Cupertino company will update his website who
allows you to manage your Apple ID to offer users the
Possibility of download a copy of all their data
stored on Apple’s servers.

This concerns any type of information, such as contacts, photos,
music preferences, calendar appointments and more.

Users will also have the ability to change their
personal data
of disable their account, but
also from delete it.

These new means of control for users will first be
available in Europe to comply with the GDPR law, then in the United States
and in other countries outside the European Union.

Currently, Apple users cannot download their
personal data or delete their account without making a request
from Apple, but that will change very soon.

In parallel, iOS 11.3 available
since last night has also introduced new signage related to
personal data. And Tim Cook recently gave
Apple’s very protectionist view on protecting life
private when he was asked about the Cambridge Analytica affair in
which Facebook is entangled.

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