Containment: how to complete and download the certificate on iPhone?

Warning : The containment is no longer in place since December 15, 2020. It was replaced by a curfew. The travel certificate to be provided during the curfew is different. See here how download or generate a travel certificate for the curfew.

Containment to fight against COVID-19 is currently in place in France. He wants to stem the spread of the virus by limiting the movement of citizens. Thus, to date, if you want to leave your home for various reasons, you have to fill out a certificate and carry it with you. Without it, in the case of a police check, a fine may be applied for non-compliance with confinement. Here is everything you need to know about it and our guide to easily create a certificate from the iPhone, and keep it on you in digital format.

How to download the travel certificate?

From the TousAntiCovid application

The French government application provides a lot of information about the coronavirus. It is also practical for two important points. The first is the possibility of declaring oneself as suffering from the disease and therefore as a person at risk. You can also be alerted if you have come across contacts potentially carrying the virus.

Additionally, the app is useful for easily create a digital travel certificate during confinement. Here’s how:

  • Download the TousAntiCovid application, if you haven’t already, it is available here on the App Store
  • Go down and find the mention “Quickly create your travel certificates”
  • Choose “New certificate”
iOS Tutorial TousAntiCovid


  • Fill in your personal information
  • At the bottom, choose the reason for moving
  • You can choose to leave the “Save my data” option activated: you will not have to fill in your personal information again when generating a new certificate.
  • Finish by pressing “Generate” then “I certify”
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There you go, your certificate is now displayed in the TousAntiCovid application, in the form of a QR code. Pressing it displays it in full screen. The three small dots at the top right allow you to share the certificate with other applications or other formats.

Certificate TousAntiCovid


You can find your certificate easily in the app under the heading “Certificate”.

From the web for download

The travel certificate can be found at this address for download. It is available in different formats, PDF, DOC, TEXT, but also in English and in “Easy to read and understand” or FALC language, for people with intellectual disabilities. Note that the certificate can also be written by hand on plain paper.

From the web to be completed online

A digital version of the certificate can be completed and downloaded from the iPhone. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Safari and go to this address
  • Fill in all fields
  • Choose the pattern
  • Click on “Generate my certificate”

How long?

The confinement should normally last until December 15, 2020. If the sanitary conditions allow it, it will end and give way to the establishment of a curfew.

What are the reasons for moving despite confinement?

During confinement, you can travel for several reasons: professional activity, education or training, making personal purchases, religious worship, care, family reasons, outings in the open air up to 20 km and 3 hours maximum, court summons or administrative, school and extracurricular activities for children.

What are the risks for an unjustified exit during confinement?

Here are the penalties you incur if you do not respect confinement or if you travel during confinement without certification:

  • First offense : a fine of 135 euros, increased to 375 euros (in the event of non-payment or non-dispute within the time limit indicated on the notice of contravention)
  • In case of recurrence within 15 days : a fine of 200 euros, increased to 450 euros (in the event of non-payment or non-dispute within the time limit indicated on the notice of contravention)
  • Beyond 3 offenses within 30 days : a fine of 3750 euros punishable by 6 months imprisonment
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