Download: Beautiful seasonal wallpapers for Mac, iPhone and iPad

At the end of the year, with your new computer or iPhone delivered by Santa Claus, or an old machine, you may want to change your wallpapers. And that’s good, Michael Steeber, tech specialist and in particular Apple and design, offers 12, as part of his initiative “The 12 Days of Apple Stores”. The latter wants to highlight local artists from different cities around the world through iconic Apple Store images from around the world, Canada, Germany, Australia, United States and others.

12 Days of Apple Stores Wallpaper


Mac Wallpaper 12 Days of Apple Stores


12 Days of Apple Stores


These images are available for free download and for a limited time, via the 12 Days of Apple Stores site. They can be installed on Mac, but also on iPhone and iPad.

How to download this wallpaper?

On Mac:

  • Go to this address
  • Under the desired wallpaper, click on “Wallpaper”
  • On the displayed image, right click
  • Choose “Download linked file as”
  • Choose a location on your Mac
  • Open your Mac’s settings, “Desktop and screen saver” section
  • Drag the wallpaper file from the Finder onto the current wallpaper image, or add the folder containing the new wallpapers using the “+” at the bottom left
  • Finally, choose the desired image

On iPhone and iPad:

  • Go to this address
  • Under the desired wallpaper, click on “Wallpaper”
  • Long press on the image
  • Choose “Add to Photos
  • Go to the Photos application, on the desired wallpaper
  • Tap the “Share” icon
  • Choose “Use as wallpaper”

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