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I’m a little behind on the iPhone apps because there are a lot of them coming out.
many lately, hard to post everything 😉

This is important, since it is software for iPhone and
jailbroken iPod Touch which allows neither more nor less than look for
youtube videos and then upload them directly to your

The software MxTube very similar to apps
iPhone classics, in particular to the YouTube video player, it allows the
download in two different qualities
(in order to manage the tape
bandwidth: Edge or WiFi, and the size of the video), and of course allows
of then view its loaded videos then
delete them if desired.

Here it is, click to enlarge:

-iphone-video-youtube-1.jpg -iphone-video-youtube-2.jpg -iphone-video-youtube-3.jpg

A really successful program to recover via install on iPhone, with source:

You like ?

All iPhone Software
and iPod Touch

Thank you Kokoi 😉

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