Exceptionally free: Angry Birds Star Wars iPhone and iPad you will download!


Young padawan or more confirmed jedi, than
you are on vacation or even still at work, I advise you to stop
any activity for a few minutes, because this morning good plan there is

In the series of angry Birdsthe latest output is
dedicated to the saga Star Wars. Aves 4.5 stars on the App Store
and regular updates, there is no doubt that seeing it pass
free would almost be a miracle. Yet it is the case today
So grab your lightsabers and let’s go an epic fight
against space pigs:

For the occasion, the birds we all know dressed up for
look like the heroes of Georges Luca’s saga. Of course they also have
equipped with laser weapons to try and defeat those awful pigs!
tatooine through the dark star, will you succeed in becoming a



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