Good tip: here’s how to download the “Panols” app for iPhone for free


Regularly, the Cupertino company offers
a free app through its Apple Store app, just to make it known
to the public or remind that it exists, because it is not included
in the iPhone.

And for the past few days, a new iPhone app has been offered by Apple,
Panolswhich usually costs €1.99 on
the App Store, to enjoy this app for free, you have to follow
the procedure described here and which requires going through the Apple app
Store available on the App Store:

First of all, you have to know if this app could interest you. Panols
offers only one thing, but it does it well, it allows you to publish
panoramas (taken with the iPhone) on Instagram by dividing them into 3 photos to
post to an Instagram account afterwards.


To install this app for free, you do not have to go through the App Store
classic of the iOS device, but by the Apple Store app to download
here if not done yet.

Then once launched, go to the “Selection” tab. Scroll the
carousel down until you come across the ad for the free app. To click
above, then on Free download.


A link opens to the App Store, which launches and asks to enter the word
iTunes Store account password. Once entered, a code is then displayed
the screen. Just click on “Use” at the top right, then the app

Once the download is complete, all you have to do is enjoy this
new app for sharing panoramas on an Instagram account.

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We repeat it, because it is important, don’t go through the app store
to download the app
it will be displayed with its usual price of
€1.99 in this case. You have to go through the Apple application
which is quite different from the app store app. You have
until May 15, 2017 to take advantage of this offer.

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