Good tip: the “Infltr” app compatible with iOS 11 portrait mode is free, here’s how to download it for free

Update: offer is extended until Nov. 1st, app is
interesting because it supports specific filtering of photos in mode
portrait enabled by iOS 11, see below


From time to time, Apple offers a
application to users of its Apple Store app. It’s the case
currently with the app Infltr.

But be careful, it is not by going to the App Store that you will
to be able to download it for free, it is indeed still there at 2.29

Here are details of a cute photo app that offers an endless number of
filters and support for photos taken in portrait mode, thanks to iOS 11, as well as
that the way to download it for free.

The Infltr App

Infltr is a photo editing app that offers several
quite classic tools, but above all offers the user a number almost
infinity of filters, about 7 million to give a different look to
Pictures. The app also includes an original way to modify a filter by
dragging a finger over the photo.

Better, she was recently updated in order to shoot
part of latest possibilities offered by iOS 11. Thereby,
it becomes possible toapply different filters and effects to the
foreground and background of photos taken in portrait mode
(iPhone 7 and
8 version Plus).

It is also compatible with the Files app.

An excellent app to get the most out of iOS 11! It’s necessary
so enjoy it…

!But how to get it for free?

As indicated in the preamble, do not go through the classic App Store to
go find this app. In fact, you have to use theapp “Apple
Apple Store”
if you already have it, or install it if you don’t
already done, it is available and
free here.

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Then, once launched, in the main tab entitled “Discover”,
go down a little to discover the mention on a blue background “Exclusively for
you, Infltr!” and click on it.


Here we go, we can start downloading! For this, a
display offers the name of the app with a large “Download” button
for free”, tap it.

The App Store app then opens, pre-populated with a promo code. It’s that
code that allows free download. Enter your secret code associated with the
iTunes account (or accept with Touch ID) and validate, the download
should start on its own. If not, validate the promo code.

Please note: at no time should you go directly through
the App Store on your machine and at no time should a price be displayed
before downloading, if so, you did not follow the instructions correctly.
instructions, start again!

Once downloaded, the app is yours, it is associated with
your account and can be updated and installed on your iPhone, iPad
with your regular App Store account.

The offer is offered until November 1,

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