iPhone 13 delays — here’s the wait time for each model

The iPhone 13 order floodgates are open. The new iPhones have been on sale since late September, and eager iOS users are flocking to the Apple store and other retailers to get their hands on Apple’s flagships.

The newest iPhone takes full advantage of Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset, has a bigger battery to keep it powered up for longer, and a better camera array with a compelling cinematic video mode. All of this has naturally led to significant demand for the device, and there are lots of great iPhone 13 deals to be found.

The iPhone 13 launched on September 24, and since then the wait times for the latest Apple handset have greatly fluctuated, especially on the Pro models. For example, right now the iPhone 13 Pro is showing a delivery estimate that runs into late December. It won’t be long before delivery on the most popular models is delayed beyond Christmas. 

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has been forced to cut its production order of the iPhone 13 by 11% due to the ongoing global chip shortage. That means there will be fewer devices on the market than Apple had originally intended this holiday season. A subsequent report claims that demand for the iPhone 13 may be weakening, too, but we’re not sure how much stock to put into that idea.

At any rate, the word from the supply chain is that iPhone 13 supply is unlikely to meet demand until February 2022. This means that delivery times are almost certainly going to shoot up during the holiday shopping season. That’s already the case with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models, which are facing serious shortages as mentioned. 

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Therefore, if you want an iPhone 13 this year, we suggest getting your order in as soon as possible. Below are the current wait times for each model of iPhone 13. 

Wait times for Phone 13 models (Updated Dec. 8)

iPhone 13

Before jumping into the wait time for each model in the iPhone 13 lineup, it’s important to stress that your mileage may vary. Wait time is determined by a variety of factors including your location and your chosen configuration, so we can’t guarantee that your wait time won’t be longer than the ones listed below. (For example, while we can’t pick up an iPhone 13 Pro at a store near us in New York, our west coast colleagues report that the phone is readily available at Apple Stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.)

Model Date range In-store pickup
iPhone 13 mini December 9 Yes
iPhone 13 December 9 Yes
iPhone 13 Pro December 16-23 No
iPhone 13 Pro Max December 16-23 No

The standard iPhone 13 128GB is not currently facing any form of significant shipping delays. Delivery estimates have it arriving as soon tomorrow (December 9) if you place your order today; in the New York area, it’s currently available for pickup from a physical Apple Store. If you want your new smartphone even earlier, for $9 you can get express shipping which could see your new handset arrive the very same day you order.

The iPhone 13 mini is also enjoying a resurgence in availability. While it did at one point have delivery delays that stretched for more than two weeks, it’s now available within a couple of days. This abundance of availability is also being observed in stores as the iPhone 13 mini can currently be picked up from physical Apple retailers in the New York area. 

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It’s the iPhone 13 Pro model where delivery delays are still being felt. The standard iPhone 13 Pro 128GB isn’t available for delivery until December 16 at the earliest, and that could stretch to as late as December 23 which will be cutting it extremely close if required for the holidays. The situation is similar for the iPhone 13 Pro Max model, which is also facing delivery delays that could run deep into the festive season. 

If you want to secure an iPhone 13 for yourself or as a holiday gift for someone else it’s probably best to get your order in now before the delivery dates start to slip beyond the festive period and even past New Year. If you’re looking for a bargain, we’ve got a roundup of the best iPhone 13 deals to help you save big on the latest Apple smartphone. 

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