the most beautiful Monterey wallpaper is not signed by Apple

Recently, Apple released new MacBook Pro with Apple silicon chip, 14 and 16 inches, but also a new major version of macOS, called Monterey. After a few busy weeks discussing the features of these new products, let’s take advantage of a little lull before Black Friday and the Christmas period to offer you something to embellish your work environment with new wallpapers.

You can therefore find in this article the wallpapers exclusive to the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches available for a few weeks from Apple, but also a special Monterey wallpaper.

Regarding the latter, it is not an image signed by the Californian giant, but a photo taken by a team specializing in video and photography. They did not appreciate that version 12 of macOS only comes with wallpapers with artificial designs (see here to get them). They therefore set themselves the goal of taking a picture of the place highlighted by Cupertino’s proposals. Except that this is about the Monterey Canyon, an underwater relief of Monterey Bay, impossible to photograph, therefore, for the three motivated people of the day. However, they found another convincing place, representative of the region with this mix of “mountain, nature and sea”. Here is the result :

Monterey Photo Wallpaper

© Vyncher

How to download these wallpapers?

On Mac:

  • Go here for MacBook Pro wallpapers or here for Monterey wallpaper
  • Open the desired image in a new window for MacBook Pro wallpapers, or on Wallpaper for the Monterey wallpaper
  • Then right click
  • Choose “Download linked file as”
  • Choose a location on your Mac
  • Open your Mac’s settings, “Desktop and screen saver” section
  • Drag the wallpaper file from the Finder onto the current wallpaper image, or add the folder containing the new wallpapers using the “+” at the bottom left
  • Finally, choose the desired image
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On iPhone and iPad:

  • Go to the same addresses as those indicated for Mac, via Safari, Firefox, Chrome or another browser app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Open the desired image for MacBook Pro wallpapers, or tap Wallpaper for Monterey wallpaper
  • Long press on the image
  • Choose “Add to Photos
  • Go to the Photos application, on the desired wallpaper
  • Tap the “Share” icon
  • Choose “Use as wallpaper”
MacBook Pro 2021 Wallpapers

Overview of MacBook Pro 2021 wallpapers © Apple

Note that for the Monterey wallpaper, there is also a dynamic version, changing according to daylight over the hours. This dynamic wallpaper can be downloaded here.

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