Today the 12-day iTunes gift is free: here’s how to download it to your iPhone/iPad


This morning, like every day, barely
eyes open, you jumped on the iPhone to discover the Apple gift of the
day. Indeed, as every year, Apple offers for 12 days a book, a
movie, music or an app, but this morning you left

Indeed, by clicking on the link, you arrived on a page indicating
that the documentary offered today is at €12.99. Immediately, a wind of
anger invaded you: ‘what, a paying gift?’

Actually no. There is indeed a free gift today and here is how the
to recover :

The Gift of the Day is an episode of a revived BBC documentary series
with us by France Television. It takes us to South Africa in the
Kalahari region to discover the fauna and flora.

To get the free episode, nothing could be simpler. Click on
the following link then click on the name “Kalahari” to access the
episode download
and voila?!


All that remains is to settle down and watch it quietly.

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