Video Grabber: an extension to download videos directly from Safari iPhone/iPad


It has been on the App for a long time
Store, many applications that can recover videos from
the various classic Internet video platforms.

iOS 8 obliges, this well-known function in the form of an application, comes
to make its appearance in an even more convenient form, i.e. via
an extension
Safari. Thanks to it, it becomes possible to navigate quietly on
Internet and download videos when you come across them:

As with all extensions, once the application is installed, it is
necessary to activate the extension in Safari. The procedure is
detailed in this

Once activated, all that remains is to browse the web. When
we come across a video that we would like to watch a little later
(possibly without connection), pressing the icon is enough to trigger the
scan of the page. After a few seconds, you can choose the
desired format and definition and the download

Everything is then managed from the main application. It is thanks to her that
one can follow the progress of the download and it is also there
that the downloaded video is stored. It can then be sent to


Easy to use, the app is compatible with major sites
videos including YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion

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