Where to buy face masks — best face masks for sale now

School is almost in session and if you’re wondering where to buy face masks, you’ve come to the right place. Fashion designers, retailers, and even a few mattress manufacturers are offering face masks that are perfect for school or daily errands. 

As COVID-19 surges throughout parts of the country, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to strongly recommend that citizens where face masks to protect one another from coronavirus. So we’re rounding up all the places where to buy face masks right now.

Where to buy face masks right now

Where to buy face masks — reusable

Assacalynn Disposable Face Masks 50-Pack: $16 @ Amazon
Amazon has this 50-pack of disposable face masks on sale for $16.99. The 3-ply masks feature a built-in filter, nose clip, and earloop design. View Deal

KN95 Masks 6-Pack: $36 @ Noellery
These KN95 masks offer a snug fit along with 3D ventilation, which allows for better germ and pollution protection. This pack includes six disposable masks.View Deal

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BYD Face Masks 50-Pack: $14 @ Office Depot
If you’re wondering where to buy face masks — Office Depot has a 50-pack of disposable face masks on sale for $14.99. That’s among the cheapest 50-packs we’ve seen. The 3-ply masks have elastic ear loops and a metal nose clip. View Deal

Face Masks 150-Pack: $39 @ Amazon
Amazon has this 150-pack of disposable face masks for $41. Click the on-screen coupon (below the price) to save $4 and drop the final price to $37. The triple layer masks feature a bendable nose bridge and elastic ear loops. View Deal

Modenna Face Mask 50-Pack: $17 @ Amazon
Amazon offers this 50-pack of disposable Modenna Face Masks for just $17. The 3-ply masks feature an adjustable nose piece and elastic cotton earbands. View Deal

Face Masks 100-Pack: $33 @ Amazon
Amazon offers this 100-pack of disposable face masks on sale for $36.50. Even better, click on the coupon box below the price to take an extra $3 off and drop the final price to $33.50. That’s one of the cheapest prices we’ve seen for a set of 100 masks. Each mask features 3 layers along with an adjustable nose clip. View Deal

Belkin Face Masks 50-Pack: was $49 now $39
Belkin is jumping into the face mask business. The accessories company now sells its own brand of face masks (made in the USA). The pleated, disposable face masks feature a nose clip for a tighter seal. For a limited time, use coupon “MASK20” to drop the price of the 50-pack to $39.96.View Deal

Fruit of the Loom Face Masks 50-Pack: $53 @ Amazon
Amazon has this 50-pack of Fruit of the Loom reusable cotton face masks for $52.19. The masks are also available in packs of 100 and packs of 250. View Deal

SupplyAID Face Masks 50-Pack: $29 @ Amazon
Amazon has the SupplyAID Disposable Face Masks 50-Pack for just $29. The disposable masks feature 3 layers of protection. View Deal

Disposable Face Masks: $34 @ Mask Central
Mask Central is offering disposable face masks from $34 for a pack of 50. The company has partnered with the state of Virginia and LifeMart to provide masks for employees returning to work. Businesses can also take advantage of Mask Central’s face mask subscriptions, which offer bulk pricing on disposable and KN95 masks.View Deal

Daily Personal Protection Kit: $46 @ Adorama
The ultimate face mask kit for anyone who has to venture outside, this kit includes ten KN95 masks and one 4-ounce bottle of wash-free hand sanitizer. Plus, you also get a full face shield that you can wear over your mask for added protection. View Deal

RSA KN95 Face Masks 10-Pack: $24 @ Adorama
KN95 masks are similar to the N95 mask, but not the same. (The N95 provides a tighter seal, which is why they’re preferred by healthcare workers). KN95 masks are generally used by healthcare workers in China. Adorama has this 10-pack on sale for $24. View Deal

Disposable Face Masks 50-Pack: $19 @ Adorama
If you’re looking for where to buy face masks you can dispose of, Adorama has this 50-pack for just $19. Each 3-ply mask is pleated for extra protection.  View Deal

Pure-MSK Nano Air Mask 10-Pack: $45 @ Nano Air Mask
The Nano Air Mask claims to filter more than 95% of airborne particles while weighing less than a sheet of paper. The masks were featured on the Today Show and were designed for all-day wear. They cost $45 for a pack of 10 masks. View Deal

KN95 Masks (20-Count): $39 @ Wyze
Smart home maker Wyze is selling a 20-pack of KN95 masks for $39.99. The disposable masks are similar to the N95 mask, though they’re not exactly the same. They are approved by the CDC NPPTL Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response.View Deal

Disposable Face Mask 50-Pack: $13 @ Newegg
Newegg is one of many spots where to buy face masks. This pack of disposable face masks includes 50 masks total. Each mask has three layers. There’s an outer layer (to block dust), a middle layer (for filtration of fine particles and droplets), and an inner layer (made of soft fiber and moisture-proof). View Deal

Where to buy face masks — washable

Hanes Cotton Masks 10-Pack: was $25 now $17 @ Hanes
Hanes is offering a 10-pack of Hanes Washable Face Masks for $25. Add it to your cart and the price drops to $17.50. Each mask offers 3 layers of coverage and features Hanes’ Cool Comfort tech, which wicks away sweat and moisture. View Deal

PopFunk Mask sale: was $14 now $9 @ Amazon
Amazon is taking $5 off all PopFunk face masks. The masks feature licensed logos/characters from Marvel to Harry Potter. The one-size-fits-all masks feature adjustable ear loops and measure 3.5 inches x 7 inches.View Deal

Steve Madden Combat Face Mask: $14 @Macy’s
The Steve Madden Combat mask is an adult sized mask made of washable material. It includes 3 filters and features an adjustable nose bar and three layers. View Deal

Levi’s Face Mask 3-Pack: $15 @ Amazon
Amazon has this 3-pack of Levi’s reusable masks for $15. The masks are available in various colors/styles and are also reversible. View Deal

Brixton Antimicrobial Face Mask: $12 @ Zappos
The Brixton face mask is a stretchy poly-cotton blend face mask designed to cover your nose and mouth while giving you enough comfort and room to breathe. It’s available in six different styles. View Deal

Maikoa Children’s Face Mask: $15 @ Amazon
Wondering where to buy face masks for kids? Amazon has the Maikoa Children’s Face Mask on sale for $15. The cotton mask comes with two filters. View Deal

Fabric Face Masks 2-Pack: $4 @ Target
Target is offering this 2-pack of reusable women’s cotton face masks for $4. They’re available in small/medium or large/XL. If you’re looking where to buy face masks — this is one of the least expensive options we’ve seen. View Deal

Case Mate Safe Mate: $9 @ Amazon
Smartphone case maker Case Mate is officially making face masks. The Safe Mate is a reusable face mask with a built-in pocket for an optional filter (filters not included). It’s available in various colors or in a 3-pack for $24. View Deal

Ben Sherman Face Masks 3-Pack: $25 @ Ben Sherman
British clothing brand Ben Sherman has just released a new line of stylish, reusable face masks. The double-layered masks are made of cotton and spandex. Even better, for each pack of face masks purchased, Ben Sherman will donate a pack to essential workers on the frontline.View Deal

VS Face Mask: $9 @ Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret is now making face masks. The reusable masks are made from a breathable lightweight fabric and come in variety of colors and styles. Even better, the company is donating 50,000 masks to Good360, a nonprofit that helps families/individuals impacted by challenging life circumstances. View Deal

Face Mask Filters 30-Pack: $18 @ Amazon
Need to restock on filters for your face mask? Amazon has this 30-pack of face mask filters for $18.99. The filters offer five layers of protection and can be used with most masks that offer an insert for filters. View Deal

Gap Reusable Face Mask 3-Pack: $15 @ Gap
The Gap is offering a variety of different washable face masks for $15 (price includes 3 adult masks). Alternatively, you can get a family pack for $36 (it includes 4 adult ad 4 kids’ masks). View Deal

Avocado Cotton Face Mask 4-Pack: $30 @ Avocado
You wouldn’t think a mattress company could be a spot where to buy face masks, but Avocado has released a reusable cotton face mask. The Avocado Cotton Face Mask 4-pack costs $30. They’re made of 100% organic cotton. View Deal

UA Sportsmask: $30 @ Under Armour
Yes, the UA Sportsmask is very expensive for a face mask. However, it’s not just any face mask. The UA Sportsmask is designed especially for runners and athletes who want to work out while protecting others — and themselves — from potentially spreading virus. The water-resistant mask adjustable, washable, and is light enough to let air through so you can workout hard without feeling like you’re about to pass out from lack of air. It will ship August 17. View Deal

RNS Face Masks: $18 @ Vistaprint
Vistaprint’s RNS masks are made with a replaceable nanofilter system (RNS) that blocks airborne contaminants. The masks can also be washed and reused. They’re available with patterns, designs, or plain. They also make mask for kids from $13. View Deal

Adidas Face Mask 3-Pack: $16 @ Adidas
Adidas has a new line of washable face masks. The mask is breathable and made of 93% recycled polyester and 7% elastane. Better yet, $2 from every pack sold will go to Save the Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.View Deal

Self Pro Summer Face Mask: $15 @ Amazon
Wondering where to buy face masks for the hot, summer weather? Amazon has the Self Pro Summer Face Mask on sale for $15.99. This face mask/neck gaiter is made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric designed to keep you cool in hot weather. It also offers protection from UV rays. View Deal

Sustainable Face Mask: $8 @ Emilia George
Sustainable clothing brand Emilia George has a new line of face masks. The masks are made of 100% cotton and feature a flexible nose bridge. They also offer a sustainable line of masks, which are made of cupro (a biproduct of cotton production). These masks are $10 each.View Deal

Triple-Layer Face Mask: $17 @ Eastern Serenity
The Eastern Serenity Face Mask is made of three layers of cotton, which lets you wash and reuse your mask. The masks come in different styles and some feature built-in filters. Prices start from $17. View Deal

Fanatics Face Mask 3-Pack: $24 @ Fans Edge
Sports fans who want to show their team colors should head to Fans Edge. The retailer has a wide collection of face masks branded with popular sports teams. A pack of three costs just $24.99. View Deal

Fabric Face Mask: $22 @ Hedley & Bennett
Hedley & Bennett is a Los Angeles-based company that makes premium aprons and chef gear. They’ve started making reusable fabric face masks. The masks feature a pocket so that you can add a filter. (Filter not included). For each mask purchased, the company donates a mask to frontline workers. View Deal

NBA Face Masks: $14 @ NBA Store
The NBA Store is selling NBA face masks for $14. Even better, all proceeds from the sale of the face mask will go toward Feeding America and Second Harvest Canada. Plus, Fanatics will donate one face mask for every face mask purchased. View Deal

Face Masks 5-Pack: $20 @ Brooks Brothers
Brooks Brothers’ face masks are made in the USA and claim to filter filter 86% of particles of 0.3 microns. The three pleat, washable face masks are also designed to minimize interior humidity when wearing them for long periods of time. View Deal

Reusable Ear Loop Face Mask 2-Pack: $17 @ DailySteals
DailySteals offers this 2-pack of Reusable Ear Loop Face Masks for $17.99. The washable masks are made of cotton and polyester fabric with adjustable ear loops. View Deal

Jimmy Case Face Masks 2-Pack: $30 @ Jimmy Case
Jimmy Case is renown for its iPhone wallet cases. However, the company is now offering washable face masks. A pack of two masks costs $30 and for every mask purchased, Jimmy Case will donate a mask to service providers. View Deal

Adult/Child Mask Sets: $18 @ PaigeLauren
PaigeLauren is offering matching face masks for parents and children. The washable masks come in a set of adult/child or a set of adult/child/mini. Even better, the company is donating proceeds to the FIGS Frontline Responders Fund. View Deal

Cubcoats face masks for kids: $12 @ Cubcoats
Cubcoats’ line of children’s face masks are made of two layers of cotton fabric. They’re recommended for kids ages 4 and older. Plus, 10% of proceeds are donated to FeedingAmerica.org to support COVID-19 relief efforts.View Deal

Radian 3-Layer Mask 5-Pack: $35 @ Radian
Radian has a new 3-layer reusable face mask that’s ready to ship in just 3 to 5 days. The unisex mask is available in light blue or black. Each mask (5 included) has elastic ear loops. They can also be printed with logos. They also offer a 2-layer mask (pack of 5) for $25. View Deal

Foco Face Masks 3-Pack: $13 @ Foco
From the LA Lakers to  the NY Jets, Foco has a variety of sports-themed face masks that let you show your pride every time you don a mask. Packs start at $13. (Each pack includes three masks). Even better, Foco is donating proceeds to the CDC Foundation. View Deal

Hot Chillys Chil-Block Half Mask: $25 @ Zappos
This insulated face mask provides protection from the nose to your neck. It has a rear hook-and-loop closure to provide a personalized fit. It can be used for runs to the grocery store or for outdoor exercise.View Deal

Cloth Face Mask: $6 @ StringKing
StringKing is a sports brand/apparel company that’s the official supplier of the National Lacrosse League. They’re now offering washable, cloth masks for $6.99. They also offer disposable face masks in packs of 50, 1,000, 24,000, and 48,000 from $39. View Deal

Marvel Face Masks: Set of 4 for $19 @ Disney
From the Incredible Hulk to Black Panther, these face masks feature your favorite Marvel characters and logos. They’re machine washable and available in various sizes. View Deal

Noordi Antimicrobrial Face Mask: $6 @Samuel Johnston
Noordi is a popular Scandinavian baby stroller manufacturer. They’re now making face masks for adults and children. The masks are washable and come in different colors.  View Deal

Star Wars Face Masks: Set of 4 for $19 @ Disney
Disney has announced its new line of face masks. The masks include characters from your favorite movies including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and more. The cloth masks are machine washable and Disney is will donate all profits of U.S. sales (up to $1 million) to Medshare. The masks will are available for preorder now and will ship June 29. View Deal

Los Angeles Apparel Face Mask 3-Pack: $30 @ Los Angeles Apparel
Los Angeles Apparel is selling its 3-pack of reusable face masks for $30. The company is also donating masks to all hospitals in the Los Angele area, reports the New York Times. View Deal

Custom Face Masks: $14 @ Signs.com
Signs.com is a company that specializes in custom signage. They’re now offering customizable masks for children, adults, and companies. Each mask is washable and made of 2-layer polyester fabric. It’s one of the spots where to buy face masks if you need them in large quantities and with logos. View Deal

Washable Face Mask: $14 @ NxTSTOP
NxTSTOP specializes in eco-friendly travel wear. The company is also offering cotton or bamboo face masks. Each mask costs $14 and every month NxTSTOP donates 1,000 masks to a different charity affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. View Deal

Washable Face Masks: from $2 @ Gearbest
One of the least expensive spots where to buy face masks is Gearbest. They have multiple disposable and washable face masks on sale from $2.99. View Deal

Cotton Face Mask 6-Pack: $49 @ Naturepedic
Mattress company Naturepedic is offering a 6-pack of cotton, washable face masks for $49. The masks are made in Chagrin Falls, OH, and they’re sold at cost and not for profit. View Deal

Thompson Tee Cotton Face Mask: $5 @ Thompson Tee
This double-layered cotton mask is washable and reusable. For every 3 masks sold, Thompson Tee is donating 1 mask to a hospital in need. View Deal

Adult reusable face mask: from $9 to $12 @ Sock Fancy
Like its name suggests, Sock Fancy is a company devoted to selling socks. However, they’re now on our list of where to buy face masks. They have reusable face masks in a variety of different colors/styles. For every mask sold, they will donate a mask to frontline workers. The masks are designed in Atlanta, GA. View Deal

First Aid Face Mask 10-Pack: $10 @AKings
New York-based designer Alan King is offering face masks for as little as a $1. (A 10-pack costs $10). They’re available in black, grey, and blue (random based on supply). A portion of the profit from orders will go toward donating supplies to local communities. It’s one of the least expensive spots where to buy face masks.View Deal

Disney Face Masks: Set of 4 for $19 @ Disney
These masks are the perfect way to get children to wear face masks. They feature classic Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, and Marie. The masks are machine washable and available in various sizes. View Deal

Where to buy face coverings

The CDC suggests the use of homemade masks (e.g. bandanas and scarves) to protect others and yourself from spreading coronavirus. Keep in mind that the best form of prevention still remains social distancing, but if you must venture outside, these face coverings can provide some protection. 

Infini2 Neck Gaiter: $21 @ Amazon
The Infini2 is designed for runners and cyclists who looking for added face protection while venturing outside. It’s made of a breathable microfiber polyester. View Deal

Foco Neck Gaiter Scarf: from $10 @ Foco
These neck gaiters can be worn to cover your mouth and nose while showing off your favorite sports team. Even if you’re not a sports fan — if you’re looking where to buy face masks Foco has a wide variety of masks with paw prints, golden retrievers, and more. View Deal

CoolNet Buff for Kids: $26 @ REI
This buff can be worn multiple ways as a headband, beanie, or a full mask. It’s designed for kids ages 6 to 11. View Deal

Burton Kids Balaclava: $20 @ Zappos
The Burton Kids Balaclava protects a child’s nose and mouth from the elements. It’s a full coverage ski mask made with breathable DryRide Ultrawick fleece finish. View Deal

Bula Hing Convertible: $17 @ Zappos
The Bula Hing Convertible offers full face protection and is made of polyester and spandex. It’s available in Black or Dahlia. View Deal

Seirus Original Quick Clava: $18 @ Eastern Mountain Sports
The high visibility Quick Clava is made with warm polyester fleece and can be worn as a hat, neckwarmer, or balaclava. Its flourescent color also makes it great to wear if you’re running outdoors. View Deal

Seirus Men’s Comfort Masque: $14 @ Dick’s Sporting Goods
The Seirus Men’s Comfort Masque is waterproof and windproof. It also offers a cozy fleece lining to protect from cold temperatures. View Deal

Under Armour Balaclava Hoodie: $54 @ REI
Need to go for an outdoor run? Along with proper social distancing, this Under Armour Hoodie can keep you protected thanks to its built-in balaclava. It’s currently 35% off. View Deal

Seirus Balaclava: $15 @ REI
The Seirus Balaclava protects your face, head, and neck from the outside elements. Normally priced at $21, it’s one the least expensive balaclavas we’ve seen at just $15.73. View Deal

Barbour Plain Boucle Scarf: $26 @ Backcountry
The Barbour Plain Boucle Scarf is a one-size-fits-all unisex scarf that can double as a face protector. It’s on sale at 56% off. View Deal

Seirus Polar Scarf: $10 @ REI
The Seirus Polar Scarf is made with soft, breathable midweight fleece. It can be adjusted with its Velcro closures. View Deal

Gap Oblong Scarf: $28 @ Gap
The Gap isn’t high on our list when it comes to where to buy face masks, but this navy blue gingham scarf can be used to cover your mouth and nose when masks aren’t an option. It costs $28 at Gap.View Deal

Seirus Magnemask Combo Clava: $37 @ Backcountry
This balaclava can be worn as a hood, face mask, or neck warmer. It’s made with a moisture-wicking material that prevents sweat and condensation. View Deal

The North Face Chunky Tube Scarf: $19 @ REI
This unisex tube scarf can be used to protect your mouth and nose. It’s available in Deep Garnet/Cedar Brown and Trellis Green/Ponderosa Green. View Deal

Carolina Paisley Bandana: $4 @ REI
The CDC recommends using bandanas and other cloths to protect others — and yourself — from spreading virus. This unisex bandana measures 21.5 x 21.25 inches and is made of cotton.View Deal

Balaclava Face Mask: $5 @ Home Depot
You wouldn’t think of Home Depot as a spot where to buy face masks, but this balaclava is one of the least expensive ones we’ve seen. The one-size-fits-all mask protects your face and neck from the elements. View Deal

Seirus Neofleece Combo Scarf: $24 @ REI
This contoured face masks covers your nose and mouth from the elements. It has directional breath holes that direct air down and away from the face. View Deal

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Balaclava: $22 @ Dick’s Sporting Goods
This balaclava is designed to keep your face warm, but it can also keep your nose and mouth protected. It has a perforated mouth panel for enhanced ventilation and breathability. View Deal

Buff DryFlx+ Balaclava: $49 @ REI
This balaclava is designed to keep you dry and comfortable. It protects your mouth and nose from the elements and also has reflective elements to improve visibility in low light.View Deal

Where to buy face masks in the UK

Buff head gear: shop all Buff @ Go Outdoors
Buff head gear can be worn in numerous different ways, including as a protective face mask. Go Outdoors offers a variety of styles and prices from £14.35. View Deal

SwannandWolff Star Wars Face Mask: £6 @ Etsy
Show off your inner geek with this Star Wars adult face mask. It’s made of cotton and features a jersey pocket inside with a coffee filter. View Deal

SwannandWolff Marvel Face Mask: £6 @ Esty
What’s better than a Star Wars face mask? A retro Marvel face mask, of course. The cotton face mask is also made by SwannandWolff and features the Incredible Hulk and Spidey. View Deal

Neck warmers: from £7 @ Mountain Warehouse
Mountain Warehouse has a variety of neck warmers and snoods that can be used as protective face masks. Many are currently on sale with prices starting at £7.49. View Deal

Where to buy face masks online – tips

Where to buy face masks

Buying face masks if easier now than it was a few months ago. However, there are a few things to keep in mind as you look where to buy face masks online. First of all, using a face mask doesn’t guarantee protection from COVID-19. You still run the risk of being infected if you constantly touch your face, don’t wash your hands, or incorrectly remove your face mask. (The WHO has a tutorial on how to properly wear and remove face masks). 

Also, if you happen to come across stock of face masks, purchase only what you need. Alternatively, you can purchase some for yourself and donate the rest to your local hospital or first responders. 

If you prefer to make your own face mask, we have guides that show you how to make a face mask at home and how to clean a face mask (if applicable). 

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