macOS gets a new version reserved for certain Macs

You may have seen the news yesterday: Intego, the benchmark antivirus for Macs, has noticed that older versions of macOS are still suffering from serious security flaws even though Monterey 12.4 is out in beta. A blow for Apple, which boasts of its computers as being particularly secure (it is true that attacks are rarer there).

Big Sur, in particular, is singled out for being more vulnerable to hackers. But a recent update in the process of being deployed comes to remedy this. This is not yet officially listed on all of the publisher’s media, however users have already been able to install it automatically or manually.

Content still very vague

Weighing 2.53 GB, this version numbered 11.6.6 is still not accompanied by release notes to clearly understand what it brings best. The developer however specifies that it is recommended to download it for all users wishing to make their equipment more secure. A refrain that will not surprise the regulars.

Catalina, also affected by a similar breach in its code, is not affected at this time. However, this version of macOS is not its first mishap. Already last March, a security update was intended for it in particular when Apple was already advising all systems to switch to Monterey.

How do I update my Mac?

To update your Mac, it’s very simple: go to System Preferences > Software Update > Update. It is also possible to access this menu by clicking on the apple to the right of the menu bar and then choosing About this Mac > Software Update > Update.

When Monterey was released, Apple clarified that some devices weren’t eligible and had to make do with Big Sur. These are probably the ones to update first to avoid finding your data in the hands of potential hackers. The models in question are iMac released in 2014, MacBook Pro from 2013 and 2014, MacBook from 2015 and MacBook Air from 2013 or 2014.

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