The 9 best iPhone applications to not miss any news

One of the convenient and attractive things about the iPhone is the ability to stay connected all the time, to know everything about what’s going on in the world and even to be notified live, or almost. And it’s all the more interesting that the news of the moment is particularly important, in France, with the upcoming presidential elections, but also in the world with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

In any case, news and its applications hold a place of honor on iOS. This is why the update of the file of the week is dedicated to them below.

There are obviously a plethora of news apps on the App Store. Here is a selection which aims to be generalist in order to allow everyone to make their choice according to their affinities and their centers of interest.


The written press

The world

It is no longer presented, but in terms of news it must be admitted that it is one of the essentials. The articles cover all areas, so everyone finds their account. Notifications warn of highlights of the day. In short, an app whose content is really worth a look.

Le Figaro

Le Figaro also offers access to all the information in real time via a fully customizable app. If a large part of the information is accessible free of charge, you can also afford the digital version of the daily. The revamped design, using as much of the screen as possible, is particularly pleasing.

The echoes

Another major player in economic news, Les Echos, also present on iPhone. The newspaper also has a real app. It is focused on direct and easy-to-read news on a mobile screen.

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For its part, Liberation offers a beautiful iPhone application. The navigation bar, red of course, allows you to navigate through the different categories. If you are a subscriber or if you feel like it, you will be able to access the daily newspaper directly in the app.

The Parisian

Even if the app offers national and international news, as well as articles on all types of subjects, some articles are rather dedicated to the Paris region. There is even a PSG section. Nevertheless, the application offers various and varied articles on different themes that can be chosen directly from a menu.

The gallery

Attention, here it is business in question. As with any good news app, a news feed is available. In this app, this flow is oriented towards business, the stock market and the economy in general. If you are a subscriber, you can find your daily newspaper in the app. If you are interested in economics, this is an app you can’t miss.

20 minutes

You are probably familiar with the free daily 20 Minutes. The iPhone application offers you to find the news of the latter directly in your phone headed without necessarily needing a connection. On opening the app offers you the news feed, but it is also possible to compose your own “one”. For those who like celebrity news, a separate section specially dedicated to this is available. Sport is also entitled to its page. The app finally gives access to the different editions of 20 Minutes depending on the city.

But still

And here are some other news posts available for free on the App Store:

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News and radios

radio stations

The big radio stations obviously have their iOS apps. In addition to offering to listen to the programs of your favorite station, a news feed is available to follow the news in real time at a glance. Here is our selection of info and radio applications:

news channels

If reading isn’t your forte, why not take advantage of video info on the iPhone? News TV channels generally offer a mobile application, so everyone finds something there.

The unclassifiable

The Morning News of the World

This app offers to approach the news from a more current and playful angle. Updated every morning with the news of the night, the news is presented in the form of a card à la “Tinder”. A slide to the right, we keep, to the left, we don’t keep. Once the sorting is done, all that remains is to pick up the info and it starts again every day. See our article here.


In the category of apps that allow you to keep up to date with everything that is happening in any field, Flipboard is certainly among the best. With its proven interface, Flipboard has conquered a large number of users. For some time now, the app has been offering a redesigned interface, new smart magazines and a few new features to make reading the news even more enjoyable. A beautiful app to download without delay!

The Gorafi

Let’s continue this file with a somewhat (very) special app: that of the Gorafi site. Here the news is to be taken with tweezers although one is never completely certain that there is not a basis of truth in this constantly renewed delirium. Humor, derision, satyr, this is what this app promises to slip almost necessarily into your iPhone. Once you’ve tasted it, you can’t live without it!

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For even more news

And finally, here are some other info apps:

Remember that this type of file cannot be exhaustive. You will inevitably have other applications to recommend because you appreciate them and use them on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to do so via the comments by indicating their strengths and your preferences!

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