Donald Trump’s social network has its iPhone app

The truth is a fight for Donald Trump, and even an obsession. A shame for the former president, who, from 2017 to 2019, was the source of no less than 10,000 false or misleading information… As a good specialist in “fake news”, he saw his Twitter account suspended there. a little over a year old.

It was this event in particular that prompted him to create his own social network, the aptly named Truth Social. The latter had been in beta access phase for a few months. But here it is now accessible to everyone, or almost, especially via iPhone with the Truth Social app. It is unavailable on the French App Store for the moment, but you can find its file here on the American App Store without however being able to download it (unless you have an American Apple account of course).

What is Truth Social?

Truth Social draws heavily from Twitter and is based on Mastodon, an open-source software.

On Donald Trump’s microblogging platform, users can post short messages, “truths”, inspired by tweets from Twitter. The shares of these messages are “retruths”, like retweets on Twitter. One would tend to see there a lack of originality in the first place. But maybe it is an assumed desire to copy the social network to the blue bird?

Two <a href=screenshots of the Truth Social iOS app” width=”724″ height=”544″ data-lazy- src=””>

© TruthSocial

Truth Social saw a large number of connections when it opened the day before yesterday. This caused consequent slowdowns and the impossibility for many to join the platform.

Things seem to be getting back to normal little by little, as the developers have been forced to freeze registrations for a while. The idea being there to let the tidal wave of the first hours caused by the buzz pass, while at the same time, many pre-registered people wanted to access the network as soon as the app was released on the App Store

Two screenshots of the Truth Social iOS app, with user chats on the left and a user profile on the right

© TruthSocial

We will not fail to inform you of the arrival of the Truth Social app in France. We are curious to test, and you?

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