iPhone / iPad: top game releases of the week #15 2022

As with new films, the majority of which are released on Wednesdays in France, new iOS games generally appear on the App Store on Thursdays. It is therefore like every week, on this day, that we offer you a selection of the best new iPhone and iPad games.

In this new batch, there are surely some beautiful pearls to put in your mouth, like those present in the previous list to be found there, like Sumire to download there, Mr Traffic available here or Total War: Medieval 2 available here on the App Store.

We present to you what seems to us to be the most qualitative. In any case, some of the games are free and can be tested easily. So don’t wait to make up your own mind! Don’t hesitate to come back and read us regularly so you don’t miss any news about games on iOS, among others.


our selection

Gunfire Reborn

  • Description : mix of role-playing, adventure and action, taking place in the first person. You can control different heroes each with their special abilities. A solo mode is required, as well as a multiplayer mode (up to 4 players). Gunfire Reborn has already won over many players on Steam and PC, it should do the same with mobile players.
  • Download link : download here

Hearthstone: Inside the Sunken City

  • Description : one of the best card games in the App Store welcomes a new extension. This one offers 135 new cards, new mechanics (Colossal and Dredge), but also a new race of minions, the Naga! We should also not fail to announce the arrival of a new game board. Enough to relaunch the appeal of this excellent title
  • WE love : always exemplary achievement
  • Download link : to pick up there
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Hot Lap League

  • Description : pilot cars on more than 150 circuits passing through different environments, snowy mountain, streets of a big city, etc. No simulation here, the fun is in the speed and arcade style driving. You can also customize your cars with in-game rewards
  • WE love : his nervousness and efficiency, with immediate pleasure
  • Download link : available on the App Store

Rhythm Fighter

  • Description : a game that is reminiscent of the very good Crypto of the NecroDancer. You must progress to the rhythm of the music, the same to strike your enemies. Each slap is to be put in time. The more you master this art, the more damage you will do with devastating combos
  • WE love : the style, but especially the game mechanics, very addictive!
  • Download link : here on the App Store

Shock Troopers 2nd Squad

  • Description : another Neo Geo game, released in the last century and ported to the iPhone to the delight of players born in the 70s and 80s, but also, possibly, for the youngest. Because the style is nervous, the fun present without waiting and the action at the rendezvous. Allergic to retro graphics and music, go your way though. But we like it!
  • We like: more retro, you die
  • Download link : here on the App Store

You have tested new features, appreciated or not, do not hesitate to share your feedback with the community in the comments!

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